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Raymarine RL80C Specifications

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Raymarine RL80C Specifications

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RL80C Display

Display Type10.4" Color TFT LCD
Controls11 defined keys, 4 soft keys and trackpad
CursorContext sensitive, provides range/bearing or Lat/Lon
Resolution640 x 480
Viewing Area10.4" diagonal (211 x 154mm)
IlluminationScreen: Continuous (128 levels of backlight) / Keypad: 3 levels of backlighting
Size292mm x 289mm x 139mm / (11.5" x 11.4" x 5.5")
Weight12.7lbs (5.8kg)
MountingTrunnion bracket with panel option
Operating Temperature10°C to +50°C Humidity limit: Up to 95% at 35degC
WaterproofU.S.C.G. CFR-46 standards
Repeater Capabilities (High Speed Bus)Fully independent use of remote Chart data if present on HSB. Full remote control and display of Radar data if present on HSB
Cursor EchoCursor echo between radar and chart on split screen and/or separate displays connected via SeaTalk
Interfaces1 x HSB in/out, 1 x SeaTalk in/out, 1 x NMEA 0183 out / 2 x NMEA 0183 in, 2 x C-map cartridge slots
Man Overboard (MOB Mode)Mark placed with course line; readout shows range, bearing, Lat/Lon of MOB and time elapsed since MOB
Screen FunctionsFull, half and quarter screens available dependant on function providing Radar and Chart via HSB (if data available), Radar Zoom, BDI, CDI and Nav Data
Data BoxesUp to six user selectable information boxes

Radar Features

Range Scales (Range Rings)0.125 (0.0625), 0.25 (0.125), 0.5 (0.125), 0.75 (0.25), 1.5 (0.25), 3 (0.5), 6 (1), 12 (2), 24 (4) 48 (8) - 4kW Dome only and 72 (6) 4kW Array only. Range scales can be customized
Range Ring AccuracyBetter than +/- 1.5% of the maximum range scale in use, or 22m (72ft), whichever is the greatest
Bearing Accuracy+/-1°
Variable Range Markers2xVRMs, readout nm, kyds, sm, km
Electronic Bearing Lines2xEBLs, floating if required, resolution 1¼
Minimum Range23m (25 yds)
Range Discrimination23m (25 yds)
Presentation ModesHead up, Course up or North up (selectable True or Magnetic)
Sensitivity and Tune ControlsManual or automatic control of gain, sea clutter and tune (Auto GSTTM)
Interference RejectionOperator selectable
Waypoint NavigationLollipop symbol, WPT range, bearing, TTG or Lat/Lon readout
Marks100 Mark database
Variation SourceAuto (SeaTalk/NMEA/Internal algorithm) or Manual
Guard Zone Alarm2 guard zones, selectable sensitivity level, audible alarm
Radar/ChartSynchronizationUser selectable in split screen mode provided chart data available
Zoom Modex2, from 0.25nm to maximum range, in 1/4 window
Off Center Function66% of radius (except maximum range)
Miscellaneous Display WindowsCDI, BDI and Navdata
WakesShort, medium, long, off
Target ExpansionOperator selectable (0.5 nm to 3 nm ranges only)
Timed TransmitRotation periods: 10, 20 or 30 scans. Repetition periods: 3, 5, 10 or 15 minutes

Chartplotter Features

CartographyC-MAP's NT micro cartridges available from C-MAP. World Map built in
Display WindowsChart, data, BDI, CDI, Navdata
Chart Scaling1/64nm (if cartographic data is available) to 4000nm
Presentation ModesNorth up (selectable True or Magnetic) Head up or Course up
Waypoints1000 waypoints entered via cursor, Lat/Lon, range and bearing from present position or at vessel's position. 16 character names can be assigned
Waypoint TransferHSB, current route via SeaTalk, NMEA
RoutesA route plan may contain up to 50 waypoints. Up to 20 routes can be stored in the units internal memory
Track History5 tracks with up to 750 points in each can be stored in the units internal memory
AlarmsProgrammable arrival, cross track error, anchor drift, position fix / data loss warning, countdown timer and alarm clock
Navigation InformationOwn ships position in Lat/Lon, XTE, TTG and SOG/COG selectable. Mileage scale ruler. Bearing and distance to waypoint. Bearing and distance to cursor, SeaTalk data as above
Variation SourceAuto (SeaTalk/NMEA/Internal algorithm) or Manual
Chart/RadarSynchronizationUser selectable in split screen mode provided radar data available


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Raymarine RL80C For Sale

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