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Raymarine RL80C Review

by | Last updated: Feb 19, 2020

New in 2001 – The big 10.4″ VGA Raymarine RL80C was one of first to take advantage of award winning HSB (High Speed Bus) technology developed by Raymarine.

HSB allows one display to communicate with another display, sharing radar, chart & fishfinder data via a fast, single wire link. A very nice full featured system that is pretty fast.

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 • Raymarine RL80C Review •

Raymarine RL80C Review

Raymarine RL80C


The Raymarine RL80C –  introduced in 2001 sports a full VGA, 10.4″, daylight viewable, 640 x 480 color LCD display using the latest in anti-glare – backlighting technologies for stunning clarity and color in any light.

The RL80C launched as a radar display with full color is very sharp, even in direct sunlight, perfect for radar, chart plotting or both.

It later became available as the RL80CRC with a built-in world map and using C-MAP’s NT+ micro cartridges for detailed charting equipped with the RayChart C-Card Reader.


C-MAP Compatibility Chart ⇔ C-Map Coverage Areas


It uses the flexibility of direct cable HSB (High Speed Bus) and later in the RL80C+ /RL80CRC+ versions use HSB2 technology to offer full multi-station capability.

Connect any Pathfinder or newer analog radar dome or open array and you have full multi-station radar performance for up to 10 displays.

The RL80C Raychart is also compatible with Raymarine’s MARPA / radar collision avoidance system, allowing you to track up to 10 other vessels and display the target’s speed, range, bearing, course and closest point of approach so that you know exactly when and where a target will intercept your course.

NOTE: A suitable heading sensor M92649 is required for MARPA functionality.

An HSB link with the L760 or L755 allows the RL80C to become a 10″ sonar repeater. An HSB2 system can be fitted with a DSM250, DSM30 or DSM300 Digital Sounder for dual frequency operation (200/50 kHz) & 1000 or 600 watt available output power depending choice of transducer and DSM.


Raymarine RL80C DSM Sounder



Model Notes:


Raymarine RL70C vs RL80C – Basically the same unit and has the functionality. The only difference is RL70C has 7′ screen and the RL80C has a 10.4″ screen.

The next in the series are the C-series C70 | C80 | C120 single station navigation system in 2004 then the E-series E80 | E120 networked navigation system in 2005.

RL80C – Radar Display/hsb /*Sounder Capable

RL80CRC – Radar/Chartplotter/hsb/*Sounder Capable – 

Features different firmware and a Raychart two slot C-Card reader permitting the display to additionally be used a chartplotter.

RL80C+ – RadarDisplay/HSB2/*Sounder Capable. Operates on a HSB2 network.

Can receive and display position information via Sea talk from either a RS120 or RS125 GPS Receiver/antenna.

RL80CRC+ – Radar/Chartplotter/HSB2/*Sounder Capable. The Plus designation indicates that the version of the display/includes additional memory to support use of C-Map NT+ cartography.

Features an HSB2 port permitting it to be interfaced to other hsb2 Pathfinder Series Displays to support sharing of radar, fishfinder, chartplotter, waypoint & route data.

*Can add DSM250, DSM30, or DSM300 to the system to support operating as a fishfinder.


Waypoints / Routing / Tracks – RL80CRC+ / RL80CRC  

Waypoints can be entered using Lat/Lon, range and bearing, present position or via the Chartplotter cursor and features 16-character waypoint naming. 

Stores up to 20 routes with 50 waypoints each and can hold 5 tracks with 750 track points each. Plenty of waypoints and routes but 5 tracks can get used up pretty quick.


Rm-Logo TIP LINK #1: Raymarine Technical Support Forum –  installation, operation, and troubleshooting discussions.

Rm-Logo TIP LINK #2: Raymarine Knowledge Base – answers to frequently asked questions. Just enter RL80C in the search box.


Raymarine RL80C | Compatible Modules

Radar Scanners ›
  • Radome
    • 18″ Raymarine Pathfinder 2KW – M92650
    • 18″ Raymarine 2KW – M-92650-s
    • 18″ Raymarine 2kw RD218 – E52065
    • 24″ Raymarine Pathfinder 4kW – M92652
    • 24″ Raymarine 4KW – M92652-S
    • 24″ Raymarine 4kw RD424 – E52067
  • Open Array
    • Raymarine  4kw – T52001-S
    • Raymarine 10kw – T52012-S
    • Raymarine  4kw – M92654
    • Raymarine  4kw – M92654-S
    • Raymarine 10kw – M92655
    • Raymarine 10kw – M92666-S

Note: Only analog radar units will function with the RL80C/Pathfinder radars:

Depth Sounder Modules ›
  • DSM250 / DSM30 / DSM300

Note: Adds Digital fishfinding capability to hsb2 configured RL80C+. 

When adding a DSM250/30/300 to hsb2 Pathfinder Series Displays, the DSM should be installed at the end of the hsb2 daisy chain. (See Image Above)

Weather Module ›
  • Not Applicable
AIS  Module ›
  • Not Applicable
GPS Antenna ›
  • Raystar 120 or Raystar 125

Raymarine RL80C Wrap Up…

The Raymarine RL80C series has a great display for radar, sonar/sounder connectivity and charting with the Raychart CRC addition. This is a very robust system and the ability to connect multiple units together to share data is a huge plus.  

The RL80C model versions and capability can be a little confusing but a great system for sure.

Quick Facts – Raymarine RL80C

  • Screen Size – 10.4″
  • Connect multiple units – Yes
  • Ease Of Use
  • Base Chart – Yes / RL80CRC
  • Power Use – 30 watts


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