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Raymarine Electronics Reviews

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  • Raymarine a67 Review

    Raymarine a67 Review

    Step by Step review including • Screen Brightness • NAV Functions • Charting • Sonar • Videos & Best New …Read More »
  • Raymarine E80 Review

    Raymarine E80 Review

    Same great features as its big brother the E120, great visibility in direct sunlight, networkability and ...Read More »
  • Raymarine E120 Review

    Raymarine E120 Review

    Network Chartplotter with a very nice big screen and the software is intuitive but does take a little getting used …Read More »
  • Raymarine RL70C Review

    Raymarine RL70C Review

    Review • Raymarine RL70C - Radar, Chartplotter, Sonar - A bright screen, great visibility and multi-unit support. "Still a great …Read More »
  • Raymarine RL80C Review

    Raymarine RL80C Review

    The Raymarine RL80C series has a great display for radar, sonar/sounder connectivity and charting with the Raychart CRC addition. Still …Read More »

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