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Raymarine E120 Review


We like the big screen and intuitive software on the Raymarine E120 chartplotter

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Raymarine E120 Chartplotter

Raymarine E120 Classic


The E120 – is the bigger brother to the E80 in the E Series Classic line introduced in 2005 sporting an 12.1″ screen and resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. A bright screen with little or no darkening when viewing the screen from the side which is a must on sunny days.

It’s a large powerful high-speed network chartplotter with a sharp screen that can include GPS, Sonar, Radar, Autopilot, Weather, AIS and even Video!

You can connect everything to one unit running on its own or have several connected together sharing data. A fast, flexible multifunction unit, loaded with features. An excellent choice when you are looking for a big screen with networkability.

The Raymarine E120 Classic communicates with other devices using NMEA 0183 & NMEA 2000 on the Raymarine SeaTalk network.

The E Series Classic can use Platinum Plus, Platinum, or Navionics Gold chart cards. The slide reader on the front uses Compact Flash “CF” cards.

Raymarine E120 vs C120 – For the fish finder, chartplotter and radar functions, the two are the same. On the E120, the ultra brite TFT screen shows much brighter, is networkable and can share black box components and radar among multiple displays.

The E Series will also do video, supports HD or Super HD color radar and can use Navionics Platinum or Platinum Plus charts which the C Series cant. 

Waypoints / Routing / Tracks – Waypoints can be saved at your (present location) with one push of the WPTS key or you can use a soft key function to save at the – cursor, ship position, lat/long and to also access the waypoint list.

Waypoint lists can be set up in separate groups for quicker access based on your own criteria.

The waypoint list includes the group name, latitude/longitude, bearing/distance, a 16-character name, and a 32-character comment for each saved waypoint.

This makes finding your favorite waypoints in a large list pretty easy to find and use. It stores of up to 1250 waypoints, 125 routes & 10 Tracks. Plenty of waypoints and routes but 10 tracks gets used up pretty fast.



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E Series – Compatible Modules

Radar Scanners • Dome | Array

E-Series Classic Chartplotters (E80, E120) using the latest E-Series Classic MFD software v5.52 are compatible with:

  • Analog radar scanners
    • RD218, RD424, 2D, 4d, 5S, 7S, 9S, & 11S
  • Digital Radar Scanners
    • RD418D, RD424D etc
  • HD Radar Scanners
    • RD418HD, RD424HD etc.)
  • Super HD Radar Scanners.
    • When connected to a HD or Super HD Radar Scanner, the E-Series Classic will support color radar.
Depth Sounder Modules
  • DSM300 / DSM30 / DSM400

Note: Raymarine recommends that DSM30s, DSM300s & DSM300Gs which have been interfaced to SeaTalkhs MFDs, ex. E-Series Classic MFDs, be upgraded to v4.20 DSM30/300 software with v5.18 bootcode.

Weather Module
  • Sirius SR6 / SR150

Weather Elements Include: Storm cast, waves, Canadian radar, lightning, wind, sea surface temperature, surface observations stations, city/weather, NOWRad, storm tracks and surface pressure.

Animated weather graphics – Weather forecast, weather radar history Weather reports – Tropical statements, marine warnings, marine zone fore-casts, marine watchbox.

AIS  Module 
  • AIS 250 “receive only”

Target symbols Sleeping, activated, selected, dangerous and lost. Target information AIS vectors, safety critical data and full AIS data. Collision avoidance Safe zones and safety messages. Alarms Local alarm messages, lost targets.

GPS Antenna
  • Raystar 125 | Raystar 130


Raymarine E120 Wrap Up…

Chart redraws are fast, taking less than a second to fully redraw the chart after a map range change. Minimum range can be set as low as 1/32 of a mile, about 190ft when set to nautical miles.

Up to 4 data sources can be displayed in an individual window simultaneously with a data strip. The E120 has an easily accessible ruler to measure the bearing and distance to any point of between a pair of user selected points.

Packed with power and performance features, the 12.1” E120 display can be used as a stand-alone navigation display, or integrated with other E-Series displays, E80 or E120s as part of a SeaTalk network.

The E-Series Classic has been around for almost a decade and continues to have a large following in commercial and recreational boating. All in all, a solid multifunction unit in a rugged aluminum case. 

Detailed Specs

Quick Facts – Raymarine E120 Classic

  • Screen Size – 12.1″
  • Networkability – Yes
  • Ease Of Use
  • Base Chart – Yes
  • Power Use – 30 watts


Raymarine E120 for Sale

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