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Raymarine E120 for sale

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Sounders  GPS-Antennas Weather AIS  Radar Scanners

November 24, 2020 4:19 pm EST

Raymarine E120 on Ebay


Functions & Applications?




Charting & Navigation:

  • Locate where you are.
  • Interpret your surroundings.
  • Monitor where you are going.
  • Record where you have been with history tracks.
  • Navigate to a specified position (waypoint).
  • Build and navigate routes.
  • View details of nearby features & services.
  • View details of boats equipped with AIS.
  • Distinguish between fixed and moving objects.
  • Measure distances and bearings.
  • Saving  / Creating Waypoints & Routes.

* You do need a Navionics CF Chart Card, and position/heading data, for the chart application to be fully functional.


Raymarine E120 Chartplotter Sounder Fullpage


It will show 3-D Chart Views To:

  • Display a 3D view of land, sea & features.
  • Locate where you are.
  • Interpret your surroundings.
  • Go to an existing waypoint.
  • Navigate a route.
  • Synchronize with the 2D chart.
  • Identify fishing spots

* You will need Raymarine  Navionics CF Platinum chart card, and position/heading data, for the chart application to be fully 3D functional .



Its a Powerful Fishfinder to:

  • Build a picture of what is below your vessel.
  • Locate & distinguish underwater objects & targets.
  • Distinguish the seabed and its texture.
  • Obtain information about water depth, temperature.
  • Mark a point of interest, fishing spot etc.
  • Determine depths and distances of targets.

* You will need position data, in addition to a Raymarine DSM300 or DSM400 for your fishfinder to be fully functional.


Raymarine E120 - Radar


Its a Marine Radar to:

  • Detect landmasses & navigation markers.
  • Detect and measure the range and distance of other vessels.
  • Acquire targets and track them for collision avoidance.
  • Navigate to a specified position (waypoint).
  • View details of boats equipped with AIS.

* You will need position and heading data, in addition to a compatible Raymarine Radar scanner, for your radar application to be fully functional.



Show On Board Video

  • View video images from on-board CCTV cameras, DVD or video player.



Course Deviation Indicator to:

  • View real-time display of your vessel on a ‘rolling road’ in 3D perspective.
  • Give details of any correction required to steer your vessel along a given course.
  • View data about the distance and time to go until you reach a specified point.



Engine Monitoring to:

  • View engine data e.g. engine temperature, oil pressure, fuel level etc from up to three engines on a compatible engine system.


Raymarine E120 Classic - xm Weather

Weather Monitor to:

  • Superimpose historical and forecasted weather graphics on a world map.
  • Determine conditions in your vicinity or at a particular location.
  • View weather reports.
  • Only available for the US.

* You will need a Sirius SR6 weather receiver (which is supplying the appropriate data) for the Weather feature to work. It does require a subscription to Sirius. Sirius Marine weather details.


Navtex For :

  • Automatic broadcast of localised Maritime Safety Information (MSI)
  • Receive navigational and meteorological warnings, and Draft search and rescue information.

* Major areas of NAVTEX coverage include the Mediterranean Sea, the North Sea,  coastal areas around Japan and areas around the North American continent. You will need a Navtex receiver connected to your system via NMEA, in order to receive this data.


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Raymarine E120 on Ebay

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