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Raymarine AXIOM 7

Raymarine AXIOM 7

SKU: E70365-00-NAG
Brand: Raymarine
Category: Chartplotters | Fishfinders
  • Screen Size: 7" WVGA Color
  • Input Type: TouchScreen Control
  • Charts: Navionics+ | LightHouse NC
  • Chart Card Slots: 1 microSD card
  • Wifi: Wifi | Bluetooth
  • Sonar: CHIRP|DownVision|SideVision


Raymarine AXIOM 7- Price



Key Facts | Full Specs | Manuals | Videos



Raymarine AXIOM 7

QUADCORE FAST | All-Glass Display


Raymarine AXIOM 7 - Review

Raymarine AXIOM 7 | Review



Is it time to upgrade?

Today, I take a deep dive into the AXIOM 7 features, specifications and get a few thoughts from some who already have.



The Raymarine AXIOM 7 – Is a feature-packed multifunction, fishfinder/chartplotter with a touchscreen interface and a built-in 10Hz GPS Antenna that refreshes a full 10 times per second.

With a  7″ Optically Bonded LCD all-glass display, a brightness rating of 1200 nits, the screen is bright and the viewing angle is pretty good. The powerful quad-core processor and the new LightHouse 3 operating system make the system nice to use and quite fast.

Maps and charting include support for a wide range of options including Navionics, Light-House Raster, and Vector Charts from top mapmakers NV Digital and Blue Latitude.

New in this series is a 4 channel sonar that supports RealVision 3D, CHIRP DownVision, CHIRP SideVison, and a High-frequency CHIRP Sonar. Transducer options include an all-in-one transom mount and thru-hull.

The Axiom 7 fully networks capable and is easily able to connect to a range of other onboard systems like radar, instrumentation, autopilot, video cameras, thermal cameras, marine radio and additional NMEA2000 and SeaTalkng compatible devices.

Standard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity allow connection to the latest Raymarine apps for tablets and smartphones. WIFi is also used to connect to the Quantum Radar. This model can even fly a DJI Mavic Drone.

Continued below…

There are 3 versions available.

1. AXIOM 7 – Chartplotter only
2. AXIOM 7 DV –  CHIRP Sonar | DownVision
3. AXIOM 7 RV –  CHIRP Sonar | DownVison | SideVision | RealVision 3D


Raymarine AXIOM 7 - 3 Options



AXIOM 7 | Models


Chartplotter/MFD Only

  • E70363 – MFD only
  • E70363-00-101 – MFD | LightHouse LNC
  • E70363-00-NAG – MFD | Navionics+


Chartplotter/MFD | CHIRP + DownVision

  • E70364 – No Charts | No Transducer
  • E70364-00-101 – LNC | No Transducer
  • E70364-00-NAG – Navionics+ | No Transducer
  • E70364-01 – No Charts | CPT-S
  • E70364-01-101 – LNC | CPT-S
  • E70364-01-NAG – Navionics+ | CPT-S
  • E70364-02 – No Charts | CPT-100DVS
  • E70364-02-101 – LNC | CPT-100DVS
  • E70364-02-NAG – Navionics+ | CPT-100DVS


Chartplotter/MFD | Built-in RealVision 3D

  • E70365 – No Charts | No Transducer
  • E70365-00-101 – LNC | No Transducer
  • E70365-00-NAG – Navionics+ | No Transducer
  • E70365-03 – No Charts | RV-100
  • E70365-03-101 – LNC | RV-100
  • E70365-03-NAG – Navionics+ | RV-100


  • » RV-100 = RealVision 3D Transducer
  • » CPT-S = CHIRP Transducer
  • » CPT-100DVS = DownVision/CHIRP ducer
  • » LNC = LightHouse LNC Charts




Raymarine AXIOM


Raymarine Axiom - Family

Raymarine AXIOM | Family


The Raymarine AXIOM comes in 3 screen sizes, 7″, 9″, and 12″, and have mostly the same features, options, and connections.

The 12″ changes it up just a tad with a 1280×800 WXGA IPS Optically Bonded LCD screen and a slightly better viewing angle.








How is the AXIOM 7 different from the ELEMENT 7 HV.

Axiom units are full multifunction network chartplotters and the Element series is designed more as a standalone unit for fishing. The Element HV includes 1.2 megahertz HyperVision that does take inland and coastal sonar to a new level of precision.

Full – ELEMENT 7 HV review

Here are some of the main differences:


Touch ~ Control KeyPad ~ Control
LightHouse 3 OS LightHouse Sport OS
1200 Nits Bright 1500 Nits Bright
Power ~ 10 Watts Power ~ 15 Watts
RealVision 3D Realvision 3D
NA HyperVision 1.2kHz
Gyro-Stabilized NA
Networkable Standalone
Powerful MFD Excellent Fishfinder/Chartplotter
7.92″x5.24×3.00 9.5″x5.3″x2.4″
Thermal Camera NA
Video – Up to 10 NA
4GB Memory 8GB Memory
10,000 Waypoints 5,000 Waypoints
150 Routes 50 Routes
More Radar Options Quantum WiFi Only
More Available Apps
NMEA 0183  *Adapter NA
$849-1249 $549-749


AXIOM SideVision vs ELEMENT HyperVision


Axiom 7 SideVision vs Element 7 HyperVision

Axiom 7 SideVision 350kHz vs Element 7 HyperVision 1.2Hz


AXIOM 7 vs AXIOM 7 Plus


Raymarine AXIOM 7 vs AXIOM Plus 7


The AXIOM 7, introduced 8/2017 is the first version, the AXIOM Plus 9 introduced 8/2020 is the second.

Most of the features are the same, however, the Plus received several nice enhancements, like a better screen, more memory, and a faster GPS.

Here are some of the differences:


800×480~WVGA 1024×600 ~WSVGA
Optically Bonded LCD HydroTough LCD
1200 Nits Bright 1500 Nits Bright
70° Viewing Angle 85° Viewing Angle
4GB Memory 16GB Memory
NA Improved GPS
$849-1249 $949-1349



AXIOM 7 | APPS & Controls


The LightHouse 3 operating system is designed to give you feature control using Apps. The environment and functions are very similar to how we are using our smartphones like tap, swipe, pinch, and zoom.

Feature Apps are opened from app page icons available on the Homescreen. Additional Apps are added as additional devices are added to the network like an autopilot or a thermal camera. Multiple apps can be displayed simultaneously by creating custom split screen app pages.

LightHouse 3 software – You can get the latest updates and see new release features for Lighthouse 3 here.


Raymarine AXIOM 7 - Home Screen Apps

AXIOM 7 | Home Screen Apps


1. GNSS position/fix details.
2. Profile – Select to change/add the profiles.
3. External devices and system time – Bluetooth settings, Disengage autopilot.
4. App page icons – Opens MFD app page. Left and Right arrows cycles through Homescreen pages
5. Settings and data — Access to the Settings, Alarms, Apps, MOB, and My data.

Featured Apps | What they do

Charting App – The Chart app displays Mapping information from your chart cards and is used with a GNSS receiver to plot your position and show navigation info. It can be used to mark  Waypoints, build and navigate Routes and keep a record of your track.

The Chart App can be displayed on both fullscreen and split screen app pages.  It also provides preset modes that can be used to quickly set up the Chart app for your intended use. Here are the 4 modes.

SIMPLE – Chart detail is suppressed to provide a clearer, simpler view for navigation

DETAILED – Detailed is the default mode. Full chart detail and menu options are available.

FISHING CHART – Fishing mode optimizes the Chart app for fishing and if supported by your selected cartography, displays more detailed contour lines.

WEATHER – Weather mode is available when the MFD is connected to a compatible Weather receiver like the (SR200). Weather mode allows you to overlay weather data directly on the chart and view animated weather graphics or read weather reports.


Raymarine Axiom 7 - Chart App Features

Axiom 7 | Chart App Features


1. Waypoints
2. Your Track
3. Vessel icon
4. Wind indicator – direction and speed (Wind transducer required).
5. Route – Route using Waypoints to mark each route leg.
6. Destination waypoint During a Goto.
7. Heading line – During Navigation to a waypoint
8. COG line- Course over Ground
9. Tide indicator – Set and Drift indicators.
10. Chart range or Scale
11. Range rings –  Provides a distance indication around your vessel at set intervals.
12. Sidebar – System data that can be viewed in all apps.

Sonar App – The Sonar app accesses Traditional, CHIRP, DownVision, SideVision, and RealVision 3D sonar modules and transducers. Sonar modules can be an internal or external black box. See details below – Sonar Support.

Radar App – The Radar app displays the connected Radar scanner. Up to 2 Radar scanners can be connected at the same time, however, only 1 Radar in a system can be a Quantum Radar.  See details below – Radar Support.

Dashboard App – The Dashboard app enables you to view system data from devices connected to you via SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 and the SeaTalkhs network. The Dashboard app can also be configured to provide control of your compatible Digital Switching devices.

Raymarine Axiom 7 - Dashboard App Features

Axiom 7 |  Dashboard App Data


Video app – IP digital video feeds can be viewed, recorded, and played back using the Video app. Video feeds include CCTV cameras and Thermal imaging cameras, DVD players, etc.


Raymarine Axiom 7 - Video App Features

Axiom 7 | Video App Features


Up to 4 video feeds can be displayed simultaneously when using a split screen app page.  Analog video feeds appear to only be supported on Axiom Pro, however, it may be possible to view analog video feeds from other sources using a suitable third-party analog-to-IP video converter.

DRONE / UAV App – Now this is a cool one. Axiom MFDs include the UAV / Drone app, developed with DJI, enabling you to fly and control a DJI Mavic Pro or Mavic Pro Platinum using the AXIOM touchscreen.

Note: I have heard that a future feature release of this App could include support for the Mavic Mini. See the software update link below for new feature updates.

You get auxiliary remote controls, settings, video display, and flight data for your connected drone.


Raymarine Axiom 7 - Drone App Features

Raymarine Axiom 7 | Drone App Features


1. Record – Start recording video feed the drone memory card.
2. Take a photo – Take a  video screenshot. The image is saved to the drone memory card.
3. Menu – Opens the UAV app menu.
4. Gimbal pitch control – Adjusts camera gimbal.
5. Flight data – Distance, Speed, and Height data is displayed onscreen.
6. Controls – Access to the onscreen virtual joystick controls.
7. Status area – Signal strength | Battery Level | Flight Time | GPS fix.
8. Virtual joystick – Up, Down, Left, and Right turn controls.
9. Virtual joystick – Forward, Backward, Left, and Right move controls.

Drones and MFDs have a one-to-one relationship, meaning that you can only control a drone from the MFD that it is physically connected to however on a network, each MFD can be connected to a different UAV.


Raymarine AXIOM 7 - Installed Apps Screen

AXIOM 7 | Installed Apps Screen


Third-party apps are developed by 3rd parties and approved by Raymarine. These apps are available from the LightHouse app launcher found on the Homescreen.

They run features like Netflix, Seakeeper, GRIB Weather, Digital Switching, and Spotify.



AXIOM 7 | Networking


Networking includes Raynet Ethernet, NMEA2000, WiFi, and BlueTooth. You can connect multiple displays or expand with Quantum, HD radar, IP cameras, engine gauges, autopilots, additional instrumentation, and even a DJI Mavic drone.


Here’s a partial list of additional compatible devices:

  • Axiom, Axiom+, Axiom Pro, Axiom XL, eS Series, gS Series
  • Victron Energy Venus GX – Power Management
  • M300-Series Thermal Camera
  • SR200 SiriusXM receiver (weather and audio)
  • Drone – DJI Mavic 2 Pro UAV
  • Drone – DJI Mavic 2 Zoom UAV
  • Drone – DJI Mavic Pro UAV
  • Drone – DJI Mavic Pro Platinum UAV
  • JL Audio
  • AR200 Augmented Reality Sensor
  • Fusion entertainment systems | NMEA 2000
  • Fusion 770 and SRX400 | Stereo
  • Magnum Radar | Quantum 2 Doppler Radar | Quantum Radar
  • RVX1000 sonar module
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Evolution autopilots
  • Viewing your MFD screen using RayView


Wi-Fi  –  802.11 b / g / n

  • Quantum Radar connection
  • LightHouse 3 operating system updates
  • RayControl
  • RayRemote
  • RayView


Raymarine AXIOM - Smartphone Remote Control Apps

AXIOM | Remote Control Apps


1. RayRemote –  Gives you remote control of your MFD from your mobile device.
2. RayView – Stream or mirror your MFD screen directly to your tablet or smartphone.
3. RayControl – Good for tablets: 2-way control between your MFD and tablet.


Bluetooth -The AXIOM 7  – has Bluetooth connectivity for connection to the latest Raymarine apps for tablets, smartphones, and connection to Bluetooth speakers for audio.



SeaTalk ng  – is an interconnection bus for Raymarine products. Small diameter cable connectors are used throughout the system to make installation easier. It’s Raymarine’s proprietary cable system for use in NMEA 2000 networks.

Their design provides two advantages. First, the connector collars are retained which allows for a smaller cable diameter making installations easier. More importantly, the cable can include a sixth wire which allows for backward compatibility with SeaTalk1 equipment.

There’s a wide range of cable lengths, all with over-molded plugs, so there is no need to cut or splice cables. Spur cables connect individual SeaTalkng products to the SeaTalkng backbone.

Here’s an example SeaTalkng system. Connection to a network provides the display with data from other connected devices.


Raymarine AXIOM 7 - Seatalkng - NMEA2000 network

AXIOM 7 | Seatalkng / NMEA2000


1. EV-1 heading sensor.
2. RS150 GNSS receiver.
3. Wind vane transducer.
4. SeaTalkng ® spur cables.
5. iTC-5 converter.

6. SeaTalkng ® 5-way connector block.
7. DeviceNet to SeaTalkng ® adaptor cable.
8. DeviceNet connection on display’s power / NMEA 2000 cable.
9. AIS700.
10. AXIOM display

11. SeaTalkng/NMEA 2000 VHF DSC Radio (GPS/GNSS position data)
12. DeviceNet connection to vessel’s engine management system.
13. ECI-100.
14. SeaTalkng ® power cable (connects to vessel’s 12 V dc power supply).
15. SeaTalkng ® backbone cables.



Here is a list of some additional NMEA2000 items that can be added for additional functionality.


EV-1 | EV-2 Heading sensor – enables vessel heading data to be available, regardless of vessel movement.

► Evolution™ autopilot system – Evolution autopilot enables navigation data to be sent to a compatible autopilot controller.

► VHF radio – Provides position data to a  compatible VHF radio.

► RS150 GNSS receiver – Connecting an external GNSS/GPS receiver can provide more accurate position tracking. If the internal antenna is being blocked.

► AIS700 / AIS650 / AIS350 – Connecting compatible AIS hardware allows AIS targets to be tracked in the chart app.

► iTC-5 – Analog transducers connected via an iTC-5 enable the display of transducer sensor data (depth, speed, wind, water temperature, etc.) in databoxes and the dashboard app.

► Airmar NMEA 2000 smart sensors –  Connecting an Airmar smart sensor transducer such as an ST800 smart TRIDUCER  Multisensor that offers the depth, speed, and temperature or the P79 depth dual-frequency, depth only unit can add additional sonar capability.




AXIOM 7 | Rear Connections


Raymarine Axiom 7 - Rear Connections

Axiom 7 | Rear Connections


This image is the RealVision model which has a 25 pin transducer plug. The Downvision model has a 15 pin plug and the Navigation-only model doesn’t have a transducer plug.

1. Network connection – Connects to RayNet network or another device.
2. Accessory connection – USB can connect to Remote Card Reader, viewing screenshots or images.
3. Power / NMEA 2000 connection – Connects to 12 V DC power supply / NMEA 2000 or SeaTalkng backbone.
4. Optional grounding point – Connects to Vessel RF ground or negative battery terminal.
5. Sonar / Transducer Connection – DV = 9 Pin | RV = 25 Pin



AXIOM 7 | Sonar Support


Raymarine AXIOM 7 -Sonar Support

AXIOM 7 | Sonar Support


Sonar capabilities – It comes with built-in DownVision, SideVision, and Raymarine RealVision 3D sonar. The unit also includes a built-in Single-channel High CHIRP sonar.

Here are some examples of what you can expect from the different sonar channels. Keep in mind though that these sonar images are in near-perfect conditions.


High CHIRP Sonar


Raymarine AXIOM 7 - High CHIRP Sonar

AXIOM 7 | High CHIRP Sonar


The conical beam fishfinder channel provides a traditional scrolling 2D view of the water below the boat at 50/200kHz.  It’s not very powerful at 150W but does have a maximum depth range of about 900′.



CHIRP DownVision Sonar


Raymarine Axiom 7 - DownVision Sonar

Axiom 7 | DownVision Sonar


CHIRP DownVision delivers a photo-like view of the area below, allowing you to see the bottom structure with excellent detail and simultaneously target fish.

DownVision uses 350kHz and is good to about 600′ at 600 Watts of power.



CHIRP Sidevision Sonar


Raymarine Axiom 7 - SideVision Sonar

Axiom 7 | SideVision Sonar


CHIRP SideVision sonar expands the underwater view side to side. SideVision is especially good when searching for structure or looking for bait as it lets you cover a larger area in one pass.

SideVision Standard uses 350kHz and is good to about 300′ out each side at 600 Watts of total power.



RealVision 3D Sonar


Raymarine Axiom 7 - RealVision 3D Sonar

Axiom 7 – RealVision 3D Sonar


RealVision 3D gives us the ability to see what’s below, behind, and to the sides of the boat, all at once and in three dimensions. RealVision 3D displays the entire underwater world, including structure, cover, fish, and reef. Pan, tilt and zoom the 3D image to examine the area from any angle.

RealVision 3D Standard uses 350kHz and has a range of about 300′



Axiom 7 | Transducer Options


The All-in-One RealVision 3D Transducer combines CHIRP DownVision, CHIRP SideVision, High-Frequency CHIRP, and RealVision 3D into a single transducer housing in either.


Raymarine Axiom 7 - Sonar

Axiom 7 | 4 Channel All-in-one Transducer


Raymarine offers several different transducers for the Axiom 7 depending on how or where you want to mount it. The Standard RV-100 transom mounts in plastic or several thru-hull versions in plastic or metal.


Raymarine Axiom 7 - Transducers

Axiom 7 | Variable Mount Transducers



Custom Sonar Mapping


SonarChart Live – Create personal contour charts using sonar and the SonarChart Live feature, which is part of the Navionics+. This is a very cool feature when your in an area that lacks chart detail.

When using SonarChart Live, new 1′ contour lines are drawn in real-time on your screen based on your transducer depth readings.

Color shading is used to reflect depth, with dark red signifying the shallowest area. The sonar data is recorded to your cartography card and is shared with Navionics when you update your chart card online.


Raymarine Axiom 7 - SonarChart Live

Axiom 7 | SonarChart Live


AXIOM 7 | Radar


Raymarine AXIOM 7 - Radar Options

AXIOM 7 | Radar Options


Compatible Radar – The AXIOM 7 display includes Wi-Fi which can be used to connect wirelessly to the following Quantum  radar scanners:

• Quantum™ Q24W (E70344) WiFi
• Quantum™ Q24C (E70210) WiFi
• Quantum™ 2 Doppler Q24D (E70498)

Additional radar compatibility includes Raymarine’s family of Digital, HD, and Super HD radars.


Raymarine AXIOM 7 - Quantum WiFI Radar

AXIOM 7 | Quantum WiFI Radar


Raymarine Quantum Radar Review – Here is a pretty in-depth review done by Practical Boat a few years ago of the Quantum radar up against the RD418D traditional radar and some additional images next to an open array.

The Radar app allows you to configure a Guard Zone alarm which is triggered when an object is located within the specified guard zone area. The Range rings, the bearing ring, and a VRM/EBL can be used to identify a target’s range and bearing in relation to your vessel.

The Radar app can be displayed in fullscreen and split screen. AIS targets can also be displayed and tracked in the Radar app.



Radar modes – The Radar app provides preset modes that can be used to quickly achieve the best picture depending on your current situation. Only radar modes supported by your Radar scanner are shown. For instance, bird mode isn’t available in the Quantum series.


Raymarine Axiom 7 Radar - Weather Mode

Radar | Weather Mode


WEATHER – Weather mode optimizes the display to help identify precipitation, useful for helping determine weather fronts and storm cells. Radar scanner support: Quantum and Quantum 2 Doppler.


Raymarine Axiom 7 Radar - Bird Mode

Radar | Bird Mode


BIRD – Bird mode optimizes the display to help identify flocks of birds, useful when trying to locate a fishing area. Finding birds with radar is more of an art and some fine-tuning may be necessary.

Note – Bird Mode only available on – SuperHD Open Array, HD Open Array, and HD Radomes.


Raymarine Axiom 7 Radar - Offshore Mode

Radar | Offshore Mode


OFFSHORE – Offshore mode takes into account high levels of Sea clutter so that targets are still visible, useful when navigating in open water away from the coast. Radar scanner support: All.


Raymarine Axiom 7 Radar - Coastal Mode

Radar | Coastal Mode


COASTAL – Coastal mode takes into account slightly higher levels of Sea clutter that are encountered out of Harbor areas. This mode is useful when in open water but keeping to coastal areas. Radar scanner support: All.


Raymarine Axiom 7 Radar - Buoy Mode

Radar | Buoy Mode


BUOY – Buoy mode enhances the detection of smaller targets such as mooring buoys, and is useful at ranges up to 3/4nm.
Radar scanner support: SuperHD Open Array, HD Open Array, and HD Radome. 


Raymarine Axiom 7 Radar - Harbor Mode

Radar | Harbor Mode


HARBOR  – Harbor mode takes into account land clutter that is typically encountered in a Harbor so that smaller targets are
still visible. This mode is useful when navigating in a Harbor. Radar scanner support: All.



AXIOM 7 | Charts


The AXIOM ships standard with either no charts, LNC (Lighthouse US Coastal Vector Charts),  NAG (Navionics NAV+ North America Charts), or CSA (Navionics NAV+ Central and South Americas Charts) but has additional charting support for a pretty wide range of charts.

Here is a list of the cartography available thru the Raymarine Chart Store. I’ve included a quick features list for the more popular chart options below.


  • LNC (Lighthouse US Coastal Vector Charts)  – charts are very basic and more like a base map.
  • LightHouse NC2 Chart Cards – Features Below
  • NAG – Navionics+ and Navionics Platinum+ Chart Cards
  • C-Map Essentials and 4D MAX+


Waypoints, routes, and tracks may be transferred to the AXIOM displays via microSD card using a GPX file produced by a navigational planning application supporting the GPX waypoint/route/track file format.

The unit will store 10,000 waypoints, 200 waypoint groups, 15 Track Logs, and 150 Routes.

Pro Tip: While only 15 tracks may be stored within the MFD’s internal memory, waypoints, routes, and track data may be exported to a microSD card for a bunch more storage capacity. This means you can move stored tracks back and forth as needed. Not ideal but possible.

Here are a few highlights of Navionics Nav+, LightHouse NC2, and CMAP.


Navionics Nav+


Navionics+ is available preloaded on the AXIOM 7 and in fully downloadable versions. It offers wide coverage areas around the world but chart updates are subscription-based.

In North America, Navionics+ includes marine and lake charts, all with SonarChart 1ft HD contours, throughout the US and Canada, plus a growing list of more than 22,000 inland lakes.

Navionics charts are excellent with accurate and thorough maps of oceans, lakes, and marine areas. Create your own maps with SonarChart live, sync your waypoints and routes with the Navionics Boating App or get to your next destination with Dock-to-dock auto-routing.

Navionics recently was bought out by Garmin so you do have to wonder how the Raymarine ~ Navionics connection will hold up going forward.


Raymarine AXIOM 7 - Navionics Plus Charts

AXIOM 7 | Navionics+ Charts


Features Include:

Nautical Charts – Navionics+ is a very robust chart resource that has been trusted by boaters worldwide for a long time.

SonarChart – HD Bathymetry Maps that reflect ever-changing conditions. Build custom contour charts that overlay the Navionics charts.

Community Edits –  Localised chart data contributed by the Navionics Community



Raymarine Lighthouse NC2


Raymarine LightHouse Charts is a library of digital map products from Raymarine and leading map makers like Standard Mapping and CMOR. It’s an excellent navigation chart option.

The new LightHouse NC2 North American nautical chart offers high-quality mapping combined with fishing intelligence from Fishing Hot Spots.


Raymarine AXIOM 7 - LightHouse NC2 Chart

AXIOM 7 | LightHouse NC2 Chart


Features include:

Superior Navigational Charts – Color-shaded bathymetric charts for over 80,000 miles of coastline and 6000 lakes in North America. Displays buoys, hazards, and navigational channels. Includes  U.S. Coastal NOAA Tide Stations.

Points of Interest – Marinas, boat ramps, and access points. Fuel docks, parking lots, and restrooms. Campgrounds, parks, and facilities.

Local Fishing Info – Fishing Hot Spots with GPS Coordinates with expert-verified, local fishing tips, submerged structure, and bottom composition,  researched water area descriptions, and local waterway intel.

RealBathy Personal Sonar Mapping – Create your own bathymetric charts with live sonar mapping and further improve the accuracy of existing charts. Improved tidal data with RealBathy™ tide offset and account for real-time water levels and local fluctuations.

Excellent Coverage Area (North America) – Contiguous U.S., the Great Lakes, Alaska, Hawaii, and the Bahamas.

See – Raymarine Lighthouse NC2 for the latest coverage area.



C-MAP Charts


C-MAP has been a leader in professional and leisure digital nautical charts is well known for accurate
and easy-to-understand chart products, including C-MAP Essentials and 4D-MAX+ premium marine charts.


Raymarine AXIOM 7 - CMAP Charting

AXIOM 7 | CMAP Chars


Feature list for CMAP 4D MAx+ include:

  • Base Cartography
  • Full-Featured Vector Charts
  • Tides & Currents
  • Off Shore Hi-Res Bathymetry Layer
  • Fishing Areas
  • Sport Fishing Data


  • Raster Charts
  • Aerial Photos
  • 3D View
  • Satellite Overlay
  • Easy Routing
  • Depth Shading


  • Detailed Marina Port Plans
  • Land Elevations
  • Major & Detailed Roads
  • Points of interest
  • Multilanguage Support



AXIOM 7 | Dimensions


There are 3 mounting options, bracket, surface, and flush mount. Here are the dimensions for each intended installation.


Raymarine AXIOM 7 - Bracket Mount Dimensions

AXIOM 7 | Bracket Mount Dimensions


A – 250.4mm | 9.86″
B – 162.5mm | 6.4″
C – 76.4mm | 3″
D –  Straight connectors = 218mm | 8.58″
D –  Right-angled connectors = 198mm | 7.79″


Raymarine AXIOM 7 - Flush Mount Dimensions

AXIOM 7 | Flush Mount Dimensions


Raymarine AXIOM 7 - Surface Mount Dimensions

AXIOM 7 | Surface Mount Dimensions


These are for both flush and surface mounting.

A – 201.1mm | 7.92″
B – 133mm | 5.24″
C – 8mm | 0.32 in
D – Surface mount = 19.05mm | .75″
D – Flush mount = 27.05mm | 1.06″
E – Straight connectors = 218mm | 8.58″
E – Right-angled connectors = 198mm | 7.79″
F – 73mm | 2.87″
G – 132mm | 5.2″



AXIOM 7 | In the box


Raymarine Axiom 7 - Whats in the box

Axiom 7 | What’s in the box


  1. 1. MFD (supplied with Trunnion adaptor fitted)
  2. 2. Trunnion bracket
  3. 3. Trunnion knobs x 2
  4. 4. Suncover — Trunnion mount
  5. 5. Panel mount gasket for surface/flush mounting
  6. 6. M5x58 Threaded studs x 4
  7. 7. M5 Thumb nuts x 4
  8. 8. Documentation pack
  9. 9. Power/NMEA 2000 cable | 4.92′ power and 1.64′ NMEA 2000.


AXIOM 7 | E70364–01 – adds CPT-S
AXIOM 7 DV | E70364 – adds CPT-100DVS
AXIOM 7 RV | E70365–03 – adds 3D RV-100



AXIOM 7 | Resources


Raymarine AXIOM 7 | Help & Support

Raymarine Forums – Great source for user info and technical questions

Raymarine AXIOM 7 | Software Updates  –  This also has the software update history to see what features and fixes have been added.

If you like me, you research a bunch before deciding on which electronics upgrades you going to go with. Here are several good forum posts I came across from people with opinions and experience with using the AXIOM.


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DownEast Boat Forum – Raymarine Axiom MFD Pitch & Roll

TheHullTruth – Raymarine Axiom very disappointing

TheHullTruth – Advice on the Raymarine Axiom

TheHullTruth – Raymarine Axiom | Advice/Recommendations



AXIOM 7 | Brochure PDF


Raymarine AXIOM - Brochure

Raymarine AXIOM 7 | Brochure



Key Facts: AXIOM 7


Performance Features

  • 7” LCD | Touch Screen
  • WVGA 800 x 480 | Color Display
  • LightHouse 3 Operating System
  • 70° viewing angle | Good clarity
  • Sunlight-viewable LCD | Brightness at 1200 Nits
  • Internal antenna or external over NMEA 2000 | RS150
  • Built-in 10Hz GPS/GLONASS receiver
  • Mounting – Bracket | Flush | Surface
  • Full Network Capable | 10/100 Mbits (RayNet)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 4.0 GHz
  • Supports AIS
  • Weather | GRIB & Sirius XM – SR200 with LightHouse V3.9+
  • Transmit position data to a VHF via NMEA 2000/SeaTalkng
  • Supports | Displays NMEA 2000/SeaTalkng devices & sensors
  • Radar –  Quantum, Digital, HD Color & Super HD Color
  • Supports engine data
  • Audio | Support for Rockford Fosgate, JL Audio & Fusion
  • SiriusXM Radio  with SR200
  • AutoPilot Control
  • Thermal Night Vision & Up to 10 IP Cameras
  • Digital Switching | Support for Empirbus
  • Remote Control Support | RMK-10 & RCU-3
  • Waterproof Rating | IPX6 / IPX7


Charting | Mapping

  • Compatible with Navionics+
  • Compatible with LightHouse NC2 charts with Fishing Hot Spots
  • Compatible C-MAP cartography
  • 4GB – Internal Memory
  • 1 –  MicroSDXC card slot | 4GB to 32GB
  • 10,000 waypoints | 200 waypoint groups
  • 15 TrackLogs – 10,000 max track points
  • 150 Routes – 250 waypoints max
  • Waypoint/Route/Track Name Length: 16 characters
  • Waypoint comments: 32 characters


Built-In Sounder | Sonar

  • High CHIRP Sonar | 50/200 kHz | Conical
  • Output Power | 150 Watts
  • Maximum Depth – 900′
  • Personal sonar mapping using SonarChart Live | Navionics+
  • Standard | 600 Watts | 350 kHz
  • DownVision | 600′
  • SideVision | 300′
  • RealVision 3D | 300′
  • Output Power | 600 Watts | 350 kHz
  • External Sonar Support | CP100, CP200, CP370, CP470, CP570 via RayNet



Raymarine AXIOM 7 - Price






Model Raymarine AXIOM 7
Physical dimensions 7.92" x 5.24" x 3"
210 x 142 x 77mm
Weight 3.35 lbs.
Water rating IPX7
Display type WVGA | TouchScreen
Display size 7" diagonal
Display resolution 800 x 480 pixels
Display - Brightness 1200 Nits
Power consumption 1.75A | 12V
GPS Antenna Internal or external NMEA 2000
GPS Receiver 10 Hz GPS/GLONASS
Mounting options Bail | Flush | Surface

Maps & Memory

Model Raymarine AXIOM 7
On-Board Memory 4GB
Accepts data cards 1 microSD card | up to 2TB
Waypoints 10,000
Routes 150
Track log 10,000 points; 15 saved tracks
Preloaded Maps Support for:
Raymarine LightHouse NC2
Navionics | C-MAP Essentials

Outdoor Recreation Features

Tide Tables Yes | Navionics or C-MAP

Chartplotter Features

Model Raymarine AXIOM 7
Radar compatible Yes | Quantum, Digital, HD Color & Super HD Color
Sonar compatible Built-In
High CHIRP | 200kHz
Supports AIS Yes
Weather Yes | SiriusXM | GRIB View
Supports DSC - GPS Data / VHF Yes
Supports FUSION-Link No
Black Box sonar support Yes | CP100, CP200, CP370, CP470, CP570
Planning Software Compatible Navionics
App-Control Compatibility Yes
Remote Input Device - compatible Yes | RMK-10 & RCU-3
Alarms Navigation

Sonar Features & Specifications

Model Raymarine AXIOM 7
Transmit Power High CHIRP | 150W
DownVision/SideVision/RealVision 3D | 600W
Dual-frequency (50/200 kHz) sonar capable Yes
Dual-Beam Sonar (77/200 kHz) capable No
CHIRP sonar technology 200 kHz
ClearVü | Down DownVision 350kHz
SideVü | Side SideVision 350kHz
Forward View No
Sonar | Additional RealVision 3D 350kHz


Model Raymarine AXIOM 7
NMEA 2000 compatible Yes
NMEA 0183 input ports No
NMEA 0183 output ports No | But possible - See Raymarine Forum
Marine Network Ports 1
Wireless connectivity Yes
BlueTooth connectivity Yes
Other Ports DV=15 PIN | RV=25PIN


Model Raymarine AXIOM 7
SEE PRICE »» Raymarine AXIOM 7 - Price
Additional - 1 Sailing Features
Additional - 2 Supports HV transom and Thru-hull transducers

In The Box

In The Box AXIOM 7
Panel mount gasket for surface / flush mounting
M5x58 Threaded studs x 4
M5 Thumb nuts x 4
Rear mounting brackets:
Documentation pack
Power/NMEA 2000 cable (with 1.5 m (4.92 ft) power lead and 0.5 m (1.64 ft) NMEA 2000 lead).


Downloadable PDFs:


Raymarine AXIOM - Basic Operation Manual

AXIOM 7 | Basic Manual



Raymarine AXIOM - Advanced Operation Manual

AXIOM 7 | Advanced Manual



Raymarine AXIOM - Installation Manual

AXIOM 7 | Installation Manual


Additional – AXIOM manuals and templates from Raymarine:


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