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Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3

Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3
Brand: Lowrance
Category: Chartplotters | Fishfinders
  • Screen Size: 9" Brilliant SolarMax™ Display
  • Input Type: Touch Screen | TouchPad Control
  • Pre-Loaded Charts: C-MAP - Insight USA
  • Chart Card Slots: 2 - microSD | 32GB
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Sonar: CHIRP | Broadband | StructureScan

Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3 - Price



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Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3



Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3 - Review


Easy to see | Easier To Use – The Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3 has a super bright 9″ LED multi-touch widescreen display with a nicely improved interface, faster processor and comes with CHIRP Sonar, StructureScan® HD, DownScan Imaging™ and TrackBack™ built right In.

Nice Mapping Options – Charting options include, Insight Genesis®, C-Map, Navionics, GoFreeShop downloads, chart sharing and dual-chart view.

Lowrance® High Definition System – The HDS-9 Gen 3 combines a brighter, multi-touch screen, enhanced processor, with leading-edge Lowrance fish finder technologies plus their latest advances in navigation and user interface.

The internal 10Hz GPS, dual microSD-card slots, touch-plus-keypad operation and built-in wireless connectivity make it a very easy-to-use multi-function unit.

EASE-OF-USE – The improved interface with multi-touch screen or full keypad control provides lightning-fast, fingertip access to all of the HDS Gen 3 features.


Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3 Touchscreen - Controls



QUICK ADJUSTMENTS – With a faster processor and intuitive user-interface, features like scrolling menus, cursor assist, snap-to setting markers and innovative preview panes with quick-touch slider bars are a breeze to use.


Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3 Touch Screen

Touch Screen


MORE ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY – This appears to be a pretty big step forward in multi-function design for Lowrance.

Wireless connectivity and Bluetooth along with the excellent fish finder technology that lowrance is known for, built right in – CHIRP Sonar, StructureScan HD, DownScan Imaging, StructureMap and TrackBack.


Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3 Built in Sonar

CHIRP | StructureScan | DownScan


Built-in CHIRP & Broadband Sounder™ – Improved target separation and screen clarity. Detect individual targets, even when they are close to the bottom.

CHIRP ranges include: 40-60, 85-145, 130-210kHz (transducer dependent) for improved target separation and screen clarity. CHIRP provides better target separation and a clearer sonar screen over previous Broadband Sonar.


Lowrance HDS-9 CHIRP - Broadband

CHIRP – Broadband


STRUCTURESCAN™ HD – True Left/Right/DownScan Imaging, the only sonar-imaging solution with dedicated side, and down-looking views for the best possible picture around and below your boat.


Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3 - StructureScan HD

StructureScan HD


MORE IS BETTER – Plug-and-play compatibility with Lowrance® performance modules. Easily, add Broadband Radar™, SonicHub® Marine Audio, SiriusXM® Marine Weather and Music, Class B AIS and DSC VHF.

Include industry-leading autopilot technologies, such as SmartSteer® control for MotorGuide PinpointGPS and the Lowrance® Outboard Pilot.


Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3 - Included Features


Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3 - Add on Accessories


STAYING CONNECTED – GoFree™ cloud enabled integrated wireless connectivity. Use the Lowrance® GoFree™ Control and Shop Apps to view and control select HDS® Gen3 displays wirelessly using supported tablets and smartphones to download / upload maps and new software.

Connected like no other… NMEA 2000, Ethernet, Wireless, Bluetooth with upgrade options like Broadband Radar™, SmartSteer® for Outboard Pilot and PinpointGPS, SonicHub® and complete engine connectivity.


Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3 Wireless

Go Free – Wireless


Navigation – 10 Hz, internal GPS antenna. Built-in Insight USA® or Navionics® cartography, with real-time StructureMap ™ overlay capability.

Compatible with Insight HD™, Navionics Platinum+ and Freshest Data, and Fishing Hotspots PRO® and C-MAP. Create personalized maps, using sonar logs from favorite areas with Insight Genesis®.


Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3 Mapping


MULTI-VIEW/ CHART SHARING – View Lowrance® and Navionics® mapping data simultaneously. Or, any combination of compatible third party mapping products.

Lowrance® Ethernet enables chart sharing that shares maps across network of HDS Gen3 units, saving high cost of additional chart-cards.


Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3 - Chart Sharing

Chart Sharing


Rear Connections

1 – NMEA 2000 | data input / output
2 – ETHERNET | High bandwidth data ( radar, sonar chart)
3 – POWER – 12v input & NMEA 0183 | Optional video-in via adapter
4 – SONAR – CHIRP & Broadband Sonar
5 – STRUCTURE – StructureScan HD Sonar


Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3 Touch - Rear Connections


Connecting directly to a single device – The ethernet port is auto sensing, meaning that the unit can connect to one network device directly, without the use of a crossover cable or switch.


Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3 - Single Device Connection


Connecting to multiple devices – If connecting more than one ethernet device to a HDS-9 display, or two devices to a HDS-9 or HDS-12 display, use the optional network expansion Port (NEP-2).

If the number of Ethernet devices exceeds the number of available ports on the NEP-2, it is possible to link two or more NEP-2 modules together to provide the required ports. The NEP-2 modules are fitted with 5 Ethernet ports.


Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3 - Connection to Multiple Devices


NMEA 0183 device connection – The HDS Gen3 display has an NMEA 0183 serial port, providing both an input and an output.

The port uses the NMEA 0183 (serial balanced) standard, and can be confi gured in the software for diff erent baud rates up to 38,400 baud. The NMEA 0183 cable shares the same plug as the power cable.


Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3 - NMEA 0183 Connection


NMEA 2000 device connection – All HDS Gen3 models are equiped with a NMEA 2000 connector, which allows the receiving and sharing of a multitude of data from various sources.


Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3 - NMEA 2000 Connection



Lowrance – HDS Gen3 vs HDS Gen2/Gen2 Touch


  • Gen3 Sonar Output – 500w | Gen2 Touch – 500w | Gen2 – 250w
  • Gen3 is StructureScan 3D compatible
  • Gen3 is capable of displaying charts from 2 sources at the same time in split screen like Insight Genesis & Navionics.
  • Gen3 comes with a newer faster processor.
  • Gen3 can display 2D CHIRP & StructureScan – both DownScan & SideScan at the same time in splitscreen.
  • Gen3 includes 2 MicroSD slots | Gen2 are full SD slots – 2 slots – 9″|12″ & 1 slot – 7″
  • Gen3 includes CrossTouch – both touchscreen & buttons for all navigation to be handled by both.
  • Gen3 has multitouch – 2 fingers for pinch & zoom
  • Gen3 has Bluetooth & built-in WIFI
  • Gen3 is only available with BOTH sonar and chartplotter | x- and m-models are not available
  • Gen3 Video-in option on all models | Gen2 only 9″|12″
  • Gen3 Built-in Structurescan in all models | HDS Gen2 Touch yes but HDS Gen2 no
  • Gen3 Better screen, glass glued to plastic instead of plastic glued to plastic.


*Reference: Team Colibri


HOOK vs Elite Ti vs HDS Gen3 vs HDS Carbon

CapabilitiesHOOKElite-TiHDS Gen3HDS Carbon
DownScan Imaging
Structure Scan HD
Structure Scan 3D - opt.
Touch-screen (single touch)
Touch-screen (pinch to zoom)
Wireless | Bluetooth
Sonic Hub - connectivity
SmartSteer Control (Xi5)
SmartSteer (Outboard Pilot)
Engine/data sensor
Radar - connectivity
Video input - with opt. cable
Wide View Display
Multiple Network Sounder
Dual Channel Chirp




Lowrance | HDS-9 Gen3 – Help & Support



Lowrance HDS 3 Brochure

Lowrance HDS 3 Brochure


Key Facts:

Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3


  • Multi-touch 9″ Widescreen
  • 800×480 with Brilliant SolarMax™ Display
  • Full Control via touchscreen or keypad
  • Built-in CHIRP/Broadband Sounder
  • Built-in StructureScan™ (with StructureScan™ transducer)
  • Simultaneous CHIRP and StructureScan™ capabilities
  • Built-in 10Hz GPS/GLONASS antenna
  • Built-in Wireless connectivity
  • Autopilot control via Lowrance SmartSteer™
  • Best-in class screen brightness
  • Dual microSD card slots
  • Optional video input via adapter cable
  • Out-of-the-box networking via Ethernet and NMEA 2000®
  • Compatible with StructureScan™, Broadband Radar™, SonicHub™ and more
  • Wide selection of cartography options
  • Same flush mount cutout and bracket as HDS-9 Gen2 Touch


Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3 - Price




Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3 - Full Specs


  • Model
    HDS-9 Gen3
  • Physical dimensions
    6.65"H x 10.43"W x 3.35"D
    (168.92 x 264.95 x 85 mm)
  • Weight
    4.14lbs (2kg)
  • Water rating
    IPX7 with card door closed
  • Display type
    Touch | TouchPad
  • Display size
    9" diagonal
  • Display resolution
  • Display - Brightness
    1200 nits
  • Power consumption
    1.5A @ 13VDC Full Backlight, Sonar On
    Supply - 12v DC (10.8-17VDC)
  • GPS Antenna
    Built-in 10Hz GPS/GLONASS | 16 Channel
  • GPS Receiver
  • Mounting options
    Gimbal Bracket | Flush Mount

Maps & Memory

  • Model
    HDS-9 Gen3
  • Accepts data cards
    2 microSD | 32GB
  • Waypoints
  • Routes
  • Track log
    100 Trails - 10,000 points per trail
  • Preloaded Maps
    C-MAP® Insight US - Enhanced

    Insight, Navionics (Gold, NAV+ Platinum+)
    C-MAP (MAX N, MAX N+)

Outdoor Recreation Features

  • Tide Tables

Chartplotter Features

  • Model
    HDS-9 Gen3
  • Radar compatible
    4G & 3G (Broadband), TX06L-1 (6kW HD Digital)
  • Sonar compatible
    Integrated: CHIRP | Broadband | DownScan | StructureScan
    Compatible: SonarHub | StructureScan | StructureScan3D
  • Supports AIS
    Class B AIS
  • Weather
    SiriusXM via WM-3 (USA only)
  • Supports DSC - GPS Data / VHF
  • Supports FUSION-Link
    SonicHub | SonicHub2 | FusionLink
  • Black Box sonar support
  • Planning Software Compatible
    Yes - Insight Planner
  • App-Control Compatibility
    Yes - Lowrance GoFree™ Control
  • Remote Input Device - compatible
  • Alarms
    Radar - when connected
    Weather - when connected

Sonar Features & Specifications

  • Model
    HDS-9 Gen3
  • Transmit Power
  • Dual-frequency (50/200 kHz) sonar capable
    50/83/200kHz (Broadband)
  • Dual-Beam Sonar (77/200 kHz) capable
    455/800kHz (StructureScan)
  • CHIRP sonar technology
    Low/Mid/High CHIRP
  • ClearVü | Down
  • SideVü | Side
    StructureScan® HD with SonarHub
  • Forward View


  • Model
    HDS-9 Gen3
  • NMEA 2000 compatible
    1x Micro-C
  • NMEA 0183 input ports
  • NMEA 0183 output ports
  • Marine Network Ports
    Ethernet | 2x 100Mbit
  • Video input ports
    1 - Composite video RCA
  • Video output ports
  • Wireless connectivity
  • BlueTooth connectivity


  • Model
    Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3
  • Current Price
    Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3 - Price

In The Box

  • In The Box
    HDS-9 Gen 3 Unit
    Mounting Bracket | Knobs
    HDS Connector Caps
    HDS Fuse & Holder
    Power|NMEA 0183 Cable
    HDS-9 Bezel& Door Pk Asy
    HDS-9 Gen 3 Sun cover

Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3 - Manual

Downloadable PDF:


Lowrance HDS 3 Manual

Lowrance HDS 3 Manual



Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3 - Videos

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