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Lowrance Elite-12 Ti2

Lowrance Elite-12 Ti2

Brand: Lowrance
Category: Chartplotters | Fishfinders
  • Screen Size: 12" WVGA Color TFT LCD
  • Input Type: Touch Screen | TouchPad Control
  • Charts: Detailed U.S. background map
  • Chart Card Slots: 1 - microSD | 32GB
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Sonar: CHIRP | DownScan | SideScan



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Lowrance Elite-12 Ti2


Updated: 3/8/2021


Lowrance Elite-12 Ti2 Review

Lowrance Elite-12 Ti2 | Review


Today, we dive into the next-generation in the Elite Ti Series, the new Lowrance Elite-12 Ti2.

It’s the mid-tier Chartplotter / Fishfinder combo from Lowrance with enhanced high-resolution sonar, preloaded charting from C-MAP, wireless networking for sonar sharing and Bluetooth.

The new Elite Ti2 Series now gives us access to features previously reserved for Lowrance’s premium HDS family of displays.

Premium features – like an easy-to-use touchscreen, Active Imaging, FishReveal, WiFi, Genesis Live real-time map creation, Bluetooth connectivity for media and smartphone notifications are all included at a pretty affordable price point.

The new Active Imaging Sonar –  definitely rethinks what we should expect from a fishfinder. With excellent clarity without sacrificing range, it delivers excellent image quality of structure, fish and bottom composition.

Designed as a 3-in-1 sonar solution, Active Imaging combines CHIRP sonar, with SideScan and DownScan Imaging for quickly scanning fish-holding structure.

Using the FishReveal feature enhances fishfinding ability with higher-level clarity and target separation.

Trolling Motor Support – While the Elite Ti supports the Motorguide Xi5, the new Elite Ti2 Series also adds full integration for the new Ghost trolling motor from Lowrance.

Networking support still includes WiFi, Bluetooth, NMEA2000 and NMEA0183. The big upgrade in network functionality is definitely the new WiFi sonar sharing support.

First Impressions –  The older Elite Ti Series has been a favorite among fishermen, with cutting-edge fish-finding technology in a nicely priced standalone unit.

With the introduction of the Elite Ti2, Lowrance added, even more features to be excited about with the biggest being real data sharing with a multi-unit installation.

Better Active Imaging sonar replaced StructureScan, the addition of wireless networking for sharing sonar, chart data and mobile messaging convenience brings high-value performance from their top-of-the-line HDS range to the Elite Ti2 series at an amazing price.

Though it’s still a first-generation touchscreen which means there is no multi-touch (you cannot pinch to zoom), the screen is bright and pretty snappy.

The processor power was increased some on the Elite Ti2, to handle the added WiFi networking to a second Elite Ti2. This also means that page loading and chart redraws are somewhat faster.

With the updated WiFi functionality, the Elite Ti2 can network two units so they synchronize waypoints, share mapping and share 2D traditional sonar.

The Elite Ti2 cannot share DownScan or SideScan sonar, that functionality is still reserved for the higher-end HDS-series.

See all features in detail below…



A Elite-12 Ti² | Model #s


No Transducer

  • ►  000-14653-001 | C-MAP US Inland


 Active Imaging 3-in-1 | Transducer

  • ►  000-14658-001 | C-MAP US Inland
  • ►  000-14659-001 | Navionics+ US/Canada


Med-High + Active Imaging | Transducer

  • ►  000-14662-001 | C-MAP US Inland


  Elite-12 Ti²  | »» CHECK PRICES ««



A Lowrance Elite Ti²


Lowrance Elite Ti2


The Elite Ti Series comes in 3 screen sizes… 7″, 9″ and 12″ and have the same features and connections.

Here is a side-by-side comparison with the older Elite Ti. The next table below shows the features of the current HDS LIVE units, Elite Ti2 and the HOOK2.


Elite Ti² vs Elite Ti


Elite Ti
Elite Ti²
CHIRP Sonar  ✔  ✔
DownScan Imaging  ✔  ✔
SideScan Imaging  ✔  ✔
StructureScan  ✔  ✔
TouchScreen (Single Touch)  ✔  ✔
Wifi | BlueTooth  ✔  ✔
SonicHub2 | N2K Audio  ✔  ✔
SmartSteer Control Xi5  ✔  ✔
Engine Data Sensors  ✔  ✔
Genesis Live Mapping  ✔  ✔
Ghost Trolling Motor Support  ✔
Active Imaging – SideScan|DownScan  ✔
Wifi Networking – Sonar|Charts|Waypoints  ✔
BlueTooth Call | Text  ✔
Built-In Detailed Regional Charts  ✔
Elite-12 Ti or Elite-12 Ti²




HDS LIVE vs Elite Ti² vs HOOK²


Elite Ti²
SolarMAX HD Display ✔    
SolarMAX Display   ✔ ✔
TouchScreen ✔ ✔   
Multi-Touch ✔    
Hi-Performance Processor ✔    
CHIRP ✔ ✔ ✔
DownScan Imaging ✔ ✔ ✔
SideScan Imaging ✔ ✔ ✔
FishReveal ✔ ✔  ✔ 
StructureScan 3D ✔    
Active Imaging 3-in-1 ✔ ✔  
LiveSight Real-time Sonar ✔    
LiveCast HDS 16/12 ✔    
Genesis LIve ✔ ✔ ✔
Automatic Routing ✔ ✔  
Smartphone notifications ✔ ✔  
Wireless networking   ✔  
Live network sonar ✔    
Dual-Channel CHIRP ✔    
Internal GPS ✔ ✔ ✔
Wireless connectivity ✔ ✔  
NMEA 2000 ✔ ✔  
NMEA 0183 ✔ ✔  
Engine Data ✔ ✔  
SmartSteer Xi5 ✔ ✔  
SmartSteer | Outboard ✔    
SiriusXM Weather ✔    
Power-Pole anchors ✔ ✔  
Radar ✔    
SonicHub 2 ✔ ✔  
Ethernet ✔    
Video input ✔    
HDS LIVE,  Elite-12  Ti²  or  HOOK²




Elite-12 Ti2 | Controls


Front Control


Lowrance Elite-12 Ti² - Screen Controls

Elite-12 Ti² | Screen Controls



A.  Pages Key – Press once to activate the home page, repeat short press to cycle favorite pages.

B.  Zoom In / Zoom Out | MOB – plus and minus keys zoom in and out. Simultaneously press both keys to save a Man Overboard (MOB) waypoint.

C. Waypoint Key –  Save Waypoint & Search waypoints.

D. Power Key – On/Off and System Control access when on.

  • * The microSD card slot is located behind the rubber cover on the logo.


Lowrance Elite-12 Ti2 System Control Page

Elite-12 Ti2 | System Control Page



Home Screen


Lowrance Elite-12 Ti2 Home Screen

Elite-12 Ti2 | Home Screen



A. Settings Button

B. Application Buttons

C. Close Button

D. Favorites

E. Toolbar Buttons



Elite-12 Ti2 | SONAR


Lowrance Elite-12 Ti² - Active Imaging


FishReveal – Active Imaging DownScan works great with FishReveal CHIRP sonar showing very clear easy to see structure and highlighted fish arches on that structure or other baitfish.


Lowrance Elite-12 Ti² - Fish Reveal


Simple Sonar Tuning – without the need to change frequencies while fishing in most conditions, the Active Imaging 800 kHz setting provides crystal-clear detail with uncompromised range.

If you need to see farther than 120 feet, Active Imaging can also operate at the 455 kHz frequency. CHIRP, SideScan and DownScan Imaging™ — from a single transducer install.


Lowrance Elite-12 Ti² - 3 in 1 Transducer



Elite-12 Ti2 | Networking


WiFi | BlueTooth | NMEA


Lowrance Elite-12 Ti² - Wireless Networking


Wireless Networking – Full connectivity without additional cable installation. The display’s network configurator allows for quick and easy setup.

Wirelessly share 2D sonar and charting between two displays, as well as sync waypoint, track and route data.

NMEA2000 & NMEA0183 are also available for additional data sharing.


Lowrance Elite-12 Ti² - Smartphone Notifications


Bluetooth® Calling & Text Notifications – Adding a little bit of convenience on the water, Bluetooth notifications on Elite Ti2 allow us to keep our phones stored in a safe place while still receiving incoming calls and text notifications.

The features available for Android devices include incoming text message display and reply, new message and message template creation, and access to message history and call logs.

Apple iOS features only include the display of incoming text messages and call logs.


Power-Pole Support


Trolling Motor Support

Ghost Trolling Motor Support
Motorguides trolling motors like Xi3 and Xi5




Elite-12 Ti2 | Mapping


Real-Time Mapping


Lowrance Elite-12 Ti² - Realtime Mapping

Elite-12 Ti² | Realtime Contour Mapping


Update the maps of your favorite spots or map unmapped areas in real-time with C-MAP Genesis Live. Genesis Live uses digital depth to create high-definition maps featuring ½ foot contours.

This level of detail makes it easy to find areas where fish like to hide, like drop-offs, points, and ditches. Control contour transparency, contour density, depth and safety shading color palettes.

Easily create Genesis Live maps in real-time and save them as you go to a microSD card.


Pre-loaded U.S. Charts


The built-in High-Detail C-MAP U.S. charts show features like ledges, points or drop-offs with a bird’s eye view of 1-foot contours on more than 3,000 lakes and standard 10-foot contours on more than 11,000 lakes.

The Elite Ti Series also comes preloaded with high-detail U.S coastal mapping and includes the new C-MAP Navigation Palette.


Lowrance Elite-12 Ti² - dock to dock Autorouting

Elite-12 Ti² – Dock-to-Dock Autorouting


C-MAP Easy Routing and Navionics Dock-to-Dock Autorouting – Navigation is made faster and easier with automatic route planning.

This menu-activated feature automatically plots the shortest and safest course based on a boat’s draft, beam and height, creating a route around a landmass, shoals, and other fixed navigational hazards.

* Auto Routing Requires a map upgrade to C-MAP MAX-N+ charts, Navionics+ or Navionics Platinum charts.

* May require a subscription.



Lowrance Elite-12 Ti2- Shop Now

SHOP FOR | Elite-12 Ti



Lowrance Elite Ti2 – Connections – Power/NMEA 0183 | Sonar | NMEA 2000

Lowrance Elite Ti² - Connections



Resources: Lowrance Elite-12 Ti2 – Help & Support

TheHullTruth.com – Lowrance Elite Ti2 7″ and 9″ reliability?

TheHullTruth.com – Lowrance Ti-2 vs. Hook2 Triple-Shot



A Elite-12 Ti2 | Brochure


Lowrance ELITE Ti2 - Brochure


Lowrance ELITE Ti2 QuickStart Manual



Key Facts: Elite-12 Ti2


  • 12″  Easy-to-use touchscreen
  • 1200 x 800 WVGA Color TFT LCD
  • Brightness @ 1200 nits
  • Built-in 10 Hz GPS
  • Full Control – Touchscreen | Keypad
  • Active Imaging™support
  • FishReveal™ Smart Target View
  • Wireless networking
  • Smartphone Notifications
  • Preloaded C-MAP AU/NZ/US mapping
  • C-MAP® Easy Routing + Navionics® Autorouting capability*
  • Sonar output – 500W
  • CHIRP | DownScan | SideScan
  • C-MAP Genesis Live
  • Touchscreen control of MotorGuide® Xi5 trolling motors
  • Engine integration
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Chart upgrade options include C-MAP, Navionics and more
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Touchscreen control of trolling motor and outboard pilot
  • NMEA – 0183 & 2000 (Limited)
  • 1 micro SD cards slot up to 32GB







Model Elite-12 Ti²
Physical dimensions 6.5" x 13.03" x 3.21"
216 x 330 x 81.5 mm
Weight 3.25 lbs, 1.48 kg
Water rating IPX7 with card door closed
Display type Touch | TouchPad
Display size 12" diagonal
Display resolution 1280 x 800 pixels
Display - Brightness 1200 nits
Power consumption 1.6A at 13.8 V DC -Full backlight | sonar on
GPS Antenna 10Hz internal
Mounting options Gimbal Bracket | Dash

Maps & Memory

Model Elite-12 Ti²
On-Board Memory na
Accepts data cards 1 microSD - 32GB
Waypoints 3000
Routes 100
Track log 100 Trails | 10,000 points per trail
Preloaded Maps Built-in - Detailed U.S. background map

MicroSD card slot is fully compatible with Lowrance Lake Insight, Lake Insight PRO, and HD, Insight Genesis, Navionics Gold and HotMaps Premium, Fishing Hotspots PRO and Jeppessen C-Map Max- N.

Outdoor Recreation Features

Tide Tables Yes

Chartplotter Features

Model Elite-12 Ti²
Radar compatible No
Sonar compatible Built In - Active Imaging™, FishReveal™, CHIRP, DownScan, SideScan & StructureScan
Supports AIS NAIS-500
Weather No
Supports DSC - GPS Data / VHF Yes
Supports FUSION-Link SonicHub2
Black Box sonar support No
Planning Software Compatible Yes - Insight Planner
App-Control Compatibility Yes - Link | Android & IOS
Remote Input Device - compatible No
Alarms Navigation
Radar - when connected
Weather - when connected

Sonar Features & Specifications

Model Elite-12 Ti²
Transmit Power 500W RMS
Dual-frequency (50/200 kHz) sonar capable 50/83/200kHz (Broadband) | 1000'
Dual-Beam Sonar (77/200 kHz) capable 455/800kHz (StructureScan)
CHIRP sonar technology Med/High CHIRP | 1000'
ClearVü | Down DownScan - StructureScan | 300'
SideVü | Side SideScan - StructureScan | 300'
Forward View No


Model Elite-12 Ti²
NMEA 2000 compatible 1x Micro-C
NMEA 0183 input ports 1 - With Cable
NMEA 0183 output ports 1- With Cable
Marine Network Ports No
Video input ports No
Video output ports No
Wireless connectivity Yes
BlueTooth connectivity Yes


Model Elite-12 Ti²

In The Box

In The Box ELITE-12 Ti² unit
12Ti² u-bracket kit
Sun cover
Power cable kit
7-pin to 9-pin transducer adapter cable (Included with units
that do not ship with a transducer)
Documentation pack


Downloadable PDF:


Lowrance ELITE Ti2 Operation Manual

Lowrance ELITE Ti2 Installation Manual



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