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Make Money While Cruising

Write Marine Electronics Reviews
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make money while crusing
Register today as a contributing author with ReviewMarine.
Submit first-hand user experience reviews. (700+ words)
Get paid $50 / $200 per review or article via Paypal.

Our Goal: To provide first-hand user experience reviews and articles on – Garmin, Raymarine, Furuno & Lowrance marine electronics.

Who Can Apply: “English” speaking writers who live aboard, cruise, sail, fish and would like to add some extra funds to the cruising kitty.

Type of content we accept or assign:

1. First-hand user experience reviews on Marine Electronics. (700+ words / $50-$150)
2. Marine electronics feature articles on upgrades/new season models/new installations. (1000+ words / $100-$250)

Author Guidelines: 10 Steps to Writing for ReviewMarine

  1. Apply and get approved.
  2. Read and follow these guidelines.
    Seriously, you would not believe how many writers pitch us who have clearly never read this page.
  3. Take a look at the existing reviews on ReviewMarine.
    Familiarize yourself with the content you will provide. After your application is approved take a look at the Write – New Review form to see how you will submit your review.
  4. Scan Available Assignments.
    Select one or more that you have experience with or… you know someone that has experience with and has access to the models on the Available Assignments list. TIP: Talk to fellow boaters and interview them on their experience with what they have installed onboard.
  5. Request Assignment.
    After your application is approved use the Request Assignment form to let us know which one(s) you want to take on. Wait for email approval – We may contact you for details, specifics and some example before we approve the assignment.
  6. Assignment approval.
    Please, DO NOT SUBMIT PRE-WRITTEN reviews without getting an assignment approval from us first. They will not be read or published.
  7. Receiving an assignment is not a guarantee of publication.
    So remember to write the heck out of it. Look at the other reviews ReviewMarine and make yours better.
  8. We pay on publication, at month-end.
    We often have a backlog of assignments and currently only use 2-4 per month, so it may take 4-6 weeks for your Review to appear. We will pay you by Paypal at the end of the month your Review appears, so make sure we have your correct Paypal email.
  9. We are buying exclusive first-time and reprint publication rights.
    We reserve the right to reprint your post on other sites of ours. You may not reprint the review elsewhere.
  10. Word count requirements.
    We prefer 700+ word Reviews (unless we are assigning you a specific idea from the Available Assignments list at a longer length we agree upon)

Can you Pitch to Us?

Yes! Do you have a great IDEA for an article for ReviewMarine?  Then by all means after your application is approved, submit your idea here.

Contributor Application

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Available – Assignments/Reviews

HDS-1094svRL80C1623 LCD RadarLowrance HDS-7 Gen 3
HDS-593svRL70C582LLowrance HDS-9 Gen 3
HDS-7840xse97FCV600LLowrance HDS-12 Gen 3
HDS-87616sxve95GP-1650DFLowrance Elite-9 Ti
Elite-5 DSI7612xsvE90WGP-1850DFLowrance HDS-9 Carbon
Elite-57610xsvE80GP1870F/ComboLowrance Elite-7 Ti
HDS-9 Gen2 Touch7608xsve7NavNet 3DLowrance HDS-12 Gen 2 Touch
HDS-12 Gen2 Touch7607xsve127NavNet VX2Garmin 5212
HDS-7 Gen2 Touch74sve125Garmin7612xsv
HDS-10 Gen274dvE120WGarmin 7212
HDS-8 Gen2741xsDragonFly 7Featured
HDS-7 Gen2740sDragonFly 6
HDS-5 Gen273svDragonFly 5pro
HDS-12 Gen373dvDragonFly 4pro
HDS-9 Gen3721xsc95
HDS-7 Gen354dvC80
Elite-7 CHIRP547xsC70
Elite-9 CHIRP541sc127
Elite-5 CHIRP53dvc125
Elite-4x CHIRP441sC120Miscellaneous
Elite-9x CHIRP3010ca98
Elite-7x CHIRP2010ca78
Elite-7 Ti182cE120
Elite-5 Ti1040xs