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Garmin Expands: ECHOMAP UHD2 Chartplotter Line-Up!

by | Last updated: Nov 14, 2023

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OLATHE, Kan., Jan. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire –

Garmin, a leading name in marine electronics, has announced the release of the ECHOMAP UHD2 series, elevating the angling experience to new heights. 


The older ECHOMAP UHD series has been a top choice, particularly for beginners, and the new enhancements in the UHD2 series are incredibly promising.


In my opinion, the biggest advancement here will be the new Wi-Fi® connectivity. This will enable seamless data sharing and collaboration between devices, without the need for running network cables.  Sonar Sharing is the big one.


I think it will be ideal for anglers fishing looking to expand their chartplotter system to more than one unit. 



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Source: PRNewswire


ECHOMAP UHD2 Series: New Feature List


Enhanced Touchscreen Design: Featuring 6″, 7″, or 9″ easy-to-use touchscreens with keyed assist for smooth navigation and faster processor.


Best-in-Class Sonar: Bundled with GT54UHD or GT56UHD transducers for brilliant ClearVü™ and SideVü™ scanning sonar images along with CHIRP traditional sonar.


Premium Mapping: Built-in Garmin Navionics+ with vibrant colors and a streamlined interface, providing a one-year subscription to daily map updates through Active Captain.


Auto Guidance+ Technology: Utilize the ActiveCaptain app for faster route calculations and detailed routing suggestions.


Wi-Fi® Connectivity: Seamlessly share sonar and user data between multiple ECHOMAP UHD2 units for enhanced collaboration.


Refreshed Design: Redesigned hardware with a clean, classic touchscreen, improved graphics, and a more modern interface.


Also included, are newly redesigned quick-release brackets that make it simple to remove the unit from the boat at the end of the day. 


Garmin’s Vice President of Global Consumer Sales, Dan Bartel, highlighted the series’ power and functionality to meet the demands of today’s anglers. The new UHD2 series promises the best-in-class sonar and mapping, allowing anglers to familiarize themselves with the water and enjoy the convenience of the lightning-fast map redraw speed.


The older ECHOMAP UHD series has been a personal favorite of mine due to its user-friendly interface and reliable performance. 


The new UHD2 series seems poised to build upon this legacy, offering an even more enhanced experience for beginners and seasoned anglers alike.


The inclusion of Garmin Navionics+ mapping ensures precise navigation and provides valuable insights into finding the best fishing areas. 


The addition of Auto Guidance+ technology further simplifies route planning and execution, making it a little bit easier to navigate unfamiliar areas.


For more advanced Mapping features, boaters and anglers can upgrade to premium Garmin Navionics Vision+ using the ActiveCaptain app or Garmin.com. See more details about the coasts you cruise or lakes you fish.


The Premium Garmin cartography includes all the standard features found in Garmin Navionics+, with the addition of high-resolution relief shading, sonar imagery, unique 3D views, high-resolution satellite imagery, aerial photography, and more.


The new ECHOMAP UHD2 series, is available in 6″, 7″, and 9″ models, with prices starting from $799.00. 


This release signifies a solid step forward in marine electronics, catering to the evolving needs of anglers in the areas of sharing information and being able to easily add more than one unit to your system.


Be sure to watch the featured VIDEOS below:

  •  “Introduction to the UHD2”
  • And, Wireless Sonar Sharing.


Also: See the detailed comparison we did between the Garmin ECHOMAP UHD vs UHD2.




For now, here are the full specs and feature details per Garmin.



More to follow:



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