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Feature & Specs | Comparison


Feature & Specs | Comparison

  ReviewMarine is reader supported. We may earn a commission when you buy thru our links.

  ReviewMarine is reader supported.

We may earn a commission when you buy thru our links.

by | Last updated: Feb 20, 2024

Garmin Echomap UHD or UHD2:


Which One is Right for You?


The Garmin Echomap UHD and Echomap UHD2 are part of Garmins’ midrange fishfinder/chartplotter combo series that offer a variety of awesome features for the active fisherman. But which one is the best?

Short Answer: 

The UHD2… If you want a better screen, faster GPS, the latest charts, and Wi-Fi sonar, and data sharing between 2 or more units.

The UHD … If you run only one unit or can easily run network cables, want to save some money, and still get a great unit.



Garmin expands ECHOMAP UHD2 series ►


What are the main differences between the Garmin ECHOMAP UHD vs ECHOMAP UHD2?


  • Processor Speed
  • Screen Resolution
  • GPS Antenna
  • Sharing Sonar over WiFi
  • Mapping Options
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Physical Size


Here is an Infographic Table summarizing the differences between the two:


Comparison InfoGraphic

Garmin 942xs vs Echomap UHD 94sv Which one do I Choose
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Garmin ECHOMAP UHD2 | Models
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94sv UHD2 | Navionics+ Coastal
7" | Models
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74sv UHD2 | Navionics+ Coastal
73cv UHD2 | Navionics+ Inland
74cv UHD2 | Navionics+ Coastal
6" | Models
63sv UHD2 | Navionics+ Inland
64sv UHD2 | Navionics+ Coastal
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Key Differences & Upgrades:


Chartplotter | Processor Speed: 

  • The UHD2 got an Upgraded & Faster Processor


Screen Resolution: 

  • The UHD2 9” models have a higher screen resolution.


Physical Size:

  • The height and depth dimensions within the 6”,7” and 9” units are similar but all 3 UHD2s are between ½” and 1” narrower than their UHD counterparts. 


GPS Reception: 

  • The UHD2 models have a slightly faster 10Hz GPS with GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou
  • UHD models have a 5Hz GPS. 

► This means that the UHD2 models should have a slightly faster acquisition speed and better reception in areas with weak GPS signals.


Sharing Sonar over WiFi: This, I think is the biggest upgrade.

  • Wireless Data Sharing – If you have another compatible ECHOMAP UHD2 chartplotter on your boat, you can wirelessly share information such as sonar, waypoints, and routes with them.
  • Network Cable Data Sharing – If you have additional ECHOMAP UHD or ECHOMAP Ultra devices on your boat, the 7” and 9” models can share information — such as sonar, user data and charts.


NOTE: As of now ECHOMAP UHD or ECHOMAP Ultra can’t share data with the UHD2 models


Additional Connectivity: 

  • UHD2 models have Bluetooth, ANT, and Garmin Wi-Fi.
  • UHD models only have Garmin Wi-Fi. 
  • Both are Active Captain capable


Built-in Mapping: 

  • UHD2 models come with preloaded the new Garmin Navionics+ (coastal): Select Models.
  • UHD models come with preloaded BlueChart g3 charts. Select Models.

► Here’s a quick comparison showing the different Chart and Mapping features between BlueChart G3 and Garmin Navionics+.


Comparison - Garmin BlueChart G3 vs Garmin Navionics+ - Table InfoGraphic


Software Updates: 

  • The UHD2 models can be updated with the latest software.
  • UHD models cannot.


► This means that the UHD2 models will have access to new features and bug fixes along with mapping and navigation upgrades in the future.


Mounting Bracket:

  • The UHD2 models also have newly redesigned quick-release brackets to make it simple to remove the unit from the boat at the end of the day.



Common Features:


  • They both come in 6”,7” and 9” options.
  • Sunlight-readable touchscreen display.
  • Built-in GPS receiver.
  • Preloaded Charts – depending on the model, but not the same charts.
  • Sonar – Ultra High-Definition scanning sonar (ClearVü and SideVü) – The sonar output appears to be the same @ 500 watts across both the UHD and the UHD2.

► Note: The 6” UHD unit only offers ClearVü (down) no side SideVü option.


  • Vivid scanning sonar color palettes
  • Support for Panoptix all-seeing sonar, including Panoptix LiveScope sonar.
  • Sonar Mapping and user data sharing capabilities with other ECHOMAP Plus, ECHOMAP UHD and ECHOMAP Ultra units.

► See the specifics of data sharing below.


  • Built-in Garmin Wi-Fi.
  • Compatible with Garmin Navionics+ and Navionics Vision+ charts.
  • The rear connections are the same.





► Notice how the mounting clip is a little different.




My Final Thoughts:


The Garmin Echomap UHD and UHD2 are both great fishfinder/chartplotter combos, but the UHD2 does have some pretty cool updated features.

The Garmin Navionics+ charts, higher screen resolution on the 9” version and the ability to share fishfinder data and other data via WiFi make it a great choice if you want to upgrade.

Not having to run network cables between additional UHD2 units during installation is a big plus.


The Echomap UHD is still a great unit, and it’s a good option if you’re on a budget or don’t need the latest features.

Ultimately, I think your best choice will depend on your individual needs and budget. But I do like the UHD2 Wi-Fi upgrade.


Also see – How to Choose the Best Garmin Fishfinder ►



Rodney L.

Rodney L.

NavGuy | Lead Writer

Charter Boat Captain, Avid Cruiser, Boat Builder & Marine Electronics Pro:

With over a decade of experience in the marine electronics industry and over 30 years of cruising the Bahamas on boats of all kinds, Rodney is well-positioned to help boaters of all levels sift through the many choices we have today in marine electronics.

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