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Garmin ECHOMAP Series | Comparison


Garmin ECHOMAP Plus vs UHD vs Ultra

by | Last updated: Nov 21, 2023


What are the main differences between the Plus, UHD, & Ultra?


  • Screen Size – Plus & UHD come in 4/6/7/9 & Ultra comes in 10/12
  • Screen Type – All 3 have Key-Assist Touchscreens however the 4″ | 6″ Plus & UHD models are Keypad control
  • Internal GPS – Plus & UHD have 5Hz & Ultra has 10Hz
  • microSD – Plus & UHD have 1 & Ultra has 2
  • Network/Panoptix Ports – Plus & UHD have 1 & Ultra has 2
  • Ultra High Definition Sonar – Ultra & UHD yes – Plus no
  • Panoptix LiveScope – Ultra has an additional 12pin transducer port for LVS12 sonar
  • Sounder Output – Plus and UHD have 500W and Ultra has 600W



► Jump right to the Side-by-Side – Comparison Infographic for all feature details. 


Additional Series Details


ECHOMAP UHD Series – is a mid-sized chartplotter/sonar combo with a keyed-assisted touchscreen. Includes features like built-in support for Ultra High-Definition scanning sonar and Panoptix LiveScope support.


The UHD takes the design of the all-in-one ECHOMAP Plus combo,  adds built-in Ultra High-Definition sonar, and includes the GT54 Ultra High-Definition transducer.


ECHOMAP Ultra Series – comes in a 10″ and 12″ Chartplotter/sonar combo and includes an all-in-one transducer for CHIRP traditional and Ultra High-Definition scanning sonars.


The Ultra also supports Panoptix LiveScope™ LVS12 sonar (no black box required), the Panoptix LiveScope system, and the full line of Panoptix™ sonars.


Should I upgrade to an ECHOMAP UHD or ECHOMAP Ultra?


I think for the extra cost of about $50.00 over the Plus, when it was introduced, the UHD is a better value if you want Ultra High-Definition scanning sonar.


As for the  Echomap Ultra, it does jump in price point somewhat but if you’re looking for an excellent 10-12″ screen and don’t need all of the features in the GPSMAP 7600 or 8600 Multifunction series then I like the Ultra.


Pro Tip | 11/2023: Although these aren’t current, they are always available on the secondary market new and used and are still awesome units.


ECHOMAP ► Plus | UHD | Ultra
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How do the Rear Connections compare?







Is there any difference between Ultra High-Definition and ClearVu Sonar?


Yes, as you can see below, the UHD definitely shows more detail.


Garmin Ultra High-Definition ClearVu Sonar

Garmin | Ultra High-Definition ClearVu Sonar – Comparison



Comparison InfoGraphic

Here is our, Echomap Plus, UHD & Ultra – Side by Side Comparison showing a more detailed view of the differences between the two:

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