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  ReviewMarine is reader supported. We may earn a commission when you buy thru our links.

  ReviewMarine is reader supported.

We may earn a commission when you buy thru our links.

Garmin 182C For Sale

• New / Used Garmin 182C & 182 Listings •


5.5″ – 16 Color Chartplotter | Color or Monochrome Display » Internal  WAAS » 12 Channel GPS »  Built-in Worldwide Basemap » Support for GSD20 or GSD21 Blackbox Sonar

 3000 Waypoints » 50 Routes » 15 Tracks » US Tides


September 24, 2023 7:16 am EDT

Garmin GPSMAP 182C on Ebay

• Current Listings •

GPSMAP 182C – Color

Garmin 182C – All Listings

Garmin 182C on Ebay

 Garmin 182C Replacement | Upgrade | New * Used

• Current Listings •

GPSMAP 182 – Monochrome

Garmin 182 – All Listings

Garmin 182 on Ebay

Replacement | Upgrade | Best Price

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Garmin 182C - Manual

Garmin 182C – Manual


Garmin GPSMAP 182C


Precision Performance

  • 16-color TFT display with backlighting (GPSMAP 182C only)
  • High-contrast, ten-level gray, LCD screen with backing (GPSMAP 182/232 only)
  • 12-channel parallel receiver tracks | uses 12 satellites for fast, accurate positioning
  • WAAS Capable – receive signals from the additional set of WAAS for better accuracy
  • Differential-Ready — just add an optional Garmin beacon receiver for better than 5-meter accuracy
  • Waterproof to IPX-7


Advanced Navigating and Plotting

  • 3000 alphanumeric waypoints | selectable icons | comments | depth
  • Built-in Worldwide basemap to 20 miles | detailed ocean, river and lake coastlines
  • 50 reversible routes with up to 50 waypoints each | 15 Tracks
  • Uploadable maps using Garmin’s MapSource PC products & BlueChart Data Cards
  • Coordinates: Lat/Lon, UTM/UPS, Loran TD, plus 16 grids, including Maidenhead
  • TracBack route feature which allows you to quickly retrace your track log to a starting position
  • Built-in simulator mode
  • Built-in tide information from over 3,000 tide stations around the USA coastline, Alaska, Hawaii, western Canada, and several Caribbean Islands



Garmin GPSmap 182C - For Sale

Garmin GPSmap 182C



Garmin 182C Power Connection

Garmin 182C Power Connection


Power/Data Connections – The power/data cable connects the GPSMAP 182C to a DC system and provides interface capabilities for connecting external devices.

The color code in the diagram above shows harness connections.



Garmin 2006C For Sale

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Garmin 2006C for Sale

Garmin 182C For Sale

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