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Furuno NavNet VX2 Specifications

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Data Display CapabilitiesChartplotter, Fishfinder, Radar, Satellite Weather, Weather Fax, and customizable Data Bar display
Dimensions14.2″ X 9.3″ X 7.5″ (383 x 235 x 191mm)
Display (LCD) size10.4″
Display colors256 Colors
Display resolution640 x 480 pixels - VGA
Display typeAR Coated / Sunlight viewable color TFT LCD
Mounting MethodsBracket or Console Mounting
Operating temperature limits-15°C to +55°C
Power consumption55 Watts
Voltage range12-24 VDC
WaterproofingCFR46/IPX2 standards
Weight11.5 lbs. (1.8 kg)
Display WindowsChart, Radar, Fishfinder, AIS, Weather
System AlarmsGuard Zone, Proximity alert, ship speed, depth*, water temperature*, fish*, grounding** -- (*Network Sounder required, temp sensor required for water temperature alarm ** C-Map version only)
Navigation AlarmsArrival/Anchor watch, XTE/Crosstrack


Network NavNet equipment, CU-200 (6P)
Data 1GPS receiver GPS-310B/320B or NMEA (7P)
Data 2NMEA (6P) Navigator, AIS Trans.,AIS Interface
Data 3Heading sensor (AD or NMEA format)
Data 4Ext. buzzer/PC/NMEA IN (Echo sounder) (7P)
Radar Signal PortRadome / Array
OPTIONAL Connection(remote display VGA monitor)


Waypoints999 waypoints
Man Overboard (MOB Mode)Mark placed with course line; readout shows range, bearing, lat/lon of MOB and time elapsed since MOB.
Screen functionsFull, half and quarter screens available dependant on function.
CartographyC-Map NT MAX or Navionics® GOLD
Chart scaling0.125 to 2,048 nm
Presentation ModesTM/RM North-up, Course-up
Routes200 planned routes (max. 35 waypoints/route)
Track HistoryUp to 8,000 points for ship's track and marks
Radar/Chart overlayOverlay radar targets on chart (appropriate heading sensors required, i.e. PG-500, C-500, SC50/110, etc.)
AIS overlayInformation for up to 100 AIS targets can be displayed on any networked unit.
Navigation Presentation ModesTM/RM North-up, Course-up


Range Scales (Range Rings).125 nm to 72nm dependant on scanner Performance limited by scanner type and position.
Display ModesHead-up, Course-up*, North-up*, True Motion** (* Heading input required ** Heading and speed inputs required)
Rotation Speed24/30/48 - depending on Scanner
Target Overlayon chart (appropriate heading sensors required i.e. PG-500, C-500, SC50/110, etc.)
Auto gain controlYes
Echo trailShows an afterglow of moving radar targets
Automatic Radar PlottingTrack up to ten targets - (Not available on stand-alone 7" models, unless part of a network incorporating 10.4"
Radar Guard ZoneAlerts you to potential danger
Dual EBL (Electronic Bearing Lines) Bearing to targets
Dual VRM(Variable Range Markers) Distance to targets
Off-center display Allows you to focus on a specific area
Customizable color presentationEnhanched night-time operation


TransducerTransom-mount, in-hull or thru-hull options
Receiver TypeRecommended: DFF1 / DFF3
Power output600 W / 1 kW rms (Specify) / 1, 2 or 3 kW
FrequencyDual frequency 50 kHz and 200 kHz / The synthesized transducer works with dual frequencies between 28 and 200 kHz
Presentation ModesMarker Zoom, Bottom Discrimination, Bottom Lock Expansion, A-scope
Selectable Auto Gain modesCruising and Fishing


TypeSIRIUS Marine Weather BBWX1 Module
Weather elementsSatellite Sea Surface Temperatures, Animated NOWRad® weather radar, Pressure isobars and frontal boundaries, Squall lines and surface pressure, Wind forecasts using wind barbs or arrows, Marine text forecasts, Lightning strike reports & storm tracking
Weather OverlayReal-time weather radar can be overlaid on your chart, showing the strongest precipitation in different colors.


Recommended Module: FA-30 (Receive Only)
Target symbolsIndicate the state of targets with five symbols - Sleeping AIS Target / Activated Target / Selected Target / Lost Target / Dangerous Target
Target informationDisplay up to 100 AIS equipped targets information (the information is displayed in the AIS data cell)

Weather Fax / NaxTex

12 picture memory torage
Programmed with all currently existing facsimile stations and frequencies: up to
320 channels storable
Presentation in monochrome, 16-gradation gray scale or color (three patterns of color presentation are available)
Built-in NAVTEX receiver (490 kHz and 518 kHz) in which up to 130 messages can be stored

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