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  ReviewMarine is reader supported. We may earn a commission when you buy thru our links.

  ReviewMarine is reader supported.

We may earn a commission when you buy thru our links.

Furuno FCV-1100L – For Sale

 • New / Used – Furuno FCV-1100L •


10.4″ – High Definiton Fish Finder | Sounder » Dual Frequency – User-Selectable 28-200kHz

Power Output – 1,2 or 3kW » Zoom | Bottom Lock | Ground Discrimination for Structure


September 24, 2023 6:03 am EDT

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Furuno FCV-1100L Brochure

Furuno FCV-1100L Brochure



Furuno FCV-1100L Manual

Furuno FCV-1100L Manual


»  10.4″  16 Color TFT  –  LCD Screen

»  High performance, dual-frequency sounder.

»  FURUNO Free Synthesizer (FFS) transceiver design

»  User-Selectable operating frequencies (28/38/50/88/107/200 kHz)

»  Unique split range control for independent range settings in dual-frequency mode.

»  Alarms for depth, fish & water temperature.

»  Output Power – 1, 2 or 3 kW ( depending on the transducer type )



Furuno - FCV-1100L Mix Frequency Mode

Mix Frequency Mode


Mix mode places the preference on the high frequency sounding over the low frequency and displays objects resulting from the strong reddish brown echoes by the HF (high frequency) transducer. The weaker HF echoes are compared to those of the same color from the LF. If the LF echoes are stronger, they are displayed in an originally assigned color. This means that if an echo appears in orange or lighter, it is probably a small fish school. If it is red only, with a little light blue patch, it is probably a larger fish school.



Furuno - FCV-1100L Nav Mode

Nav  Data Mode


When the FCV-1100L is connected with GPS or other appropriate sensors, the Nav Data mode is available. It shows own ship’s position, speed, waypoint data, XTE, water depth and temperature.


New and Used - Furuno Electronics

• New/Used – All Listings • Furuno FCV-1100L - For Sale

Furuno FCV-1100L For Sale

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